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  1. I am trying to hide the columns by way of configuration

    I have been unsuccessful by using hidden: true

    Also, the columns are not stateful in nature despite using stateful/stateId/stateEvents
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    any suggestions yet?
  3. I am not sure why you would have a read-only grid and yet have a combobox editable.... roweditor wont be of much use if you are not editing any values.. perhaps you should simply have a buttoncolumn...
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    try using the focus method of the combo.. defer the call if need be
  5. I had a similar issue.. I think I used a roweditor plugin which when extended can be used to your liking
  6. any CSS expert out there to pitch in?
  7. Any thoughts?
  8. To get to the point, please have a look at the following two examples

    Standard grid

    Grid which has an additional toolbar(AZFilter)...
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    I was boggled by the same bug, I managed to do the following

    AfterRenderUI was usually named as something that would fix for issues surrounding render

    So I removed the initialization of the...
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    Since I have added this plugin, the Horizontal Scrollbar does not appear when columns exceed the available width..

    I cant seem to find what is the problem
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    There are many ways to do it..

    A couple of methods..

    1) You add onclick events to the links on the fly when you get the response.

    2) Add inline javascript to links calling a specific...
  12. FOUND The solution:

    I actually had problems with javascript function (shown here as getEditor).

    Apparently, some other code manipulated the namespace I was using and hence the roller coaster...
  13. Another observation, this might bring things into better perspective.

    The formpanel(inside the window) contains 3 party extensions as fields. Under normal circumstances these extensions are...
  14. It seems while inside the layout.RenderItem call Ext.get() returns the element which is correct.

    Except while in component.render call Ext.get returns null

    How does opening a new tab in a...
  15. Since layout.renderitem is being discussed here, I would like to bring your kind attention to my post in Help

    wherein the reference

  16. Hello all,

    I have upon myself one of the strangest errors.

    Let me explain: I have a tabpanel as the main content area
    I also have a navigation menu at the left which opens respective tabs in...
  17. Yes, I require the same too.

    Please let us all know about it too
  18. Hi Animal,

    Thank you very much for this great plugin.

    I can vouch and verify that this plugin can be used with Livegrid without a hitch, if someone faces an issue, let me know.

    Btw, can this...
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    Hi Jozef Sakalos,

    RTP is a Great plugin

    I would like some assistance in building a plugin which has all the functionalities from RTP as well as from the TreeGrid(Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid).. please...
  20. Sorry, I didnt know threads needed to be marked [SOLVED]

    Will gladly do it, Thanks for the heads up
  21. Found the answer, it was node.ui.addClass('myClass')
  22. I am trying to apply CSS class to all the treenodes, the css class will be dependent on some condition hence has to be done on the fly rather than through the config/defnition

    Please let me know...
  23. How can I convert this extension into a plugin?
  24. Since I am experiencing some issues with Toolbar and its overflow, I will pen them down here instead of elsewhere.

    The examples show the use of a Button, however, instead of Buttons, if we use...
  25. Has anyone used superboxselect as a fully instantiated object instead of xtype?

    I am facing problems, it renders as a textfield with a small editing field within it. Far from a combobox or...
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