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    The buffered store is provided so that you do not need to use paging. It loads ranges of data as you scroll.
    Also, grouping would not work as you are only loading a range, so it would only have...
  2. Perhaps use a convert field to update the text in the combo store:
  3. I have always used server side solutions:

    PDF: tcPDF, FPDF, mPDF or iText ( java )
    XLS: PHPExcel

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    We do not have this out of the box, but perhaps you can use the Ext.Draw to simply draw the color region on the chart area?
  5. Browser zoom is handled internally by each specific browser and can cause issues like you see, hence it is not really supported.
  6. You may want to verify the files that you are using are in fact complete complete files

    Here are the DIR; file locations to use to load if you are not using Cmd to generate/build your app.

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    There was a issue with the build process. Builds should be coming online soon.
  8. Let me get back to you about this. There is a bug report: SDKTOOLS-1251

  9. >>> moved from SA V5 to WebStorm V6

    Did you install compass on the installer to support previous versions?

    Do you mean SA->Ext5 to WS->Ext6?

    1) Yes this is still valid. It simply does not...
  10. What versions of Cmd and Ext are you using?
    Do you see this issue only when you customize your build?

    Perhaps something like this?

    <target name="-after-build">
  11. The combo pageSize is sent to the store, but since you are specifying a different size on the store, it is using that instead.

  12. We do not have GA version on our CDN.
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    Look for 'theme' directive in app.json and change it as needed. Make sure to build again to see changes.
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    Have a look at the other params in your renderer function:

    renderer: function(value, metaData, record, rowIndex, colIndex){
  15. When you lock a column, it actually creates 2 grids.

    See if the following will help:


    var store = Ext.create('', {
    fields : ['name',...
  16. You should be able to place it into the js:[] section in your app.json

  17. I would recommend letting the server do the work and let the client show the results.
  18. Perhaps I am not understanding the full scope process.
    Seems like you are having a lot of conversations with the client/server to perform updates your data.

    - Create new doctor on client, send...
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    This is handled internally by the browser. What is the behavior you are looking for?
  20. You might want to have a look at buffered renderer for you grid with that many records to update at once:!/api/Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer

  21. Why would you want to do this?
    This is auto generated , so you would have to change Ext.Component :: getId() to alter the default if needed.
  22. Why not just send the request to the server, have the server updated all that is needed return the new snapshot with store.load()
    This would eliminate all of the back and forth.
  23. You should be able to simply add the height config:

    Ext.create('Ext.toolbar.Toolbar', {
    renderTo: document.body,
    width : 400,
    height : 50,
    items: [
  24. Do you mean by setting the height of the toolbar? If not please provide more information or example code.
  25. Perhaps something like this?
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