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    this extension is not working properly with 4.1 ...

    this extension is not working properly with 4.1 Any plans to update it?
  2. seems better in beta 2. A re-boot also seemed to...

    seems better in beta 2. A re-boot also seemed to help things.
  3. 1.2 Beta 2 bad store name cause all objects to disappear

    i connected a combobox to a store through the properties. The store name was incorrect (i had updated the store's classname but not the ID) and this caused the whole form to disappear from the...
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    1.2 Beta - adding a plugin to a grid.

    I am trying to add the rowexpander plugin to a grid. I followed the method shown here:

    but a getCmp() call...
  5. 1.2 Beta changing a container layout causes issue

    changing the layout on a container with children causes it to get confused and not display. the gear menu will also occasionally get stuck It sometimes requires restarting the designer to clear it...
  6. Beta 1.2 complex layout causes the design canvas to blank out

    I have a panel with a fairly complex form and anytime I change a property and the design canvas tries to re-paint it goes white. I have to preview, and then the design canvas displays correctly
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    Slate Theme for 4.0?

    has anyone ported the Slate theme for 4.0?
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    [OPEN]Suggestion: Flow/Hierarchy Chart

    we are working on a graphical editor for our site's workflow system. it will be EXT based. It would be great to have a flow type chart we could use fort eh visualization.
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