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  1. [FIXED] localStorage / offline support in sencha space

    Currently Sencha Space doesn't seem to support localStorage and offline mode - which work fine when running the same app from a mobile browser.

    1. My Sencha app uses localStorage, and...
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    tap listener on List

    I have the following code that I use to handle tap events on a dom element inside a List. This code works fine if I include this in an override class in Architect.

  3. setting platform-specific values using Architect


    Is it possible to detect the platform, and set different values on the same item, based on the platform?
    For example, on a button, I want to set the ui to round on Win8 phone, but to normal...
  4. [FIXED] Seems like a problem with my account. I created...

    Seems like a problem with my account. I created another Sencha ID and was able to register Designer, and start using it.
  5. [FIXED] Unable to register Designer: "A server error has occurred"

    I'm unable to register Sencha Designer 2. I get the error message:
    A server error has occurred

    This happens when I enter a valid Sencha ID and password.

    Any suggestions? I'm not able to...
  6. Android screen jumps up and down when entering data on popup window

    In Android, if I use a popup window with enterable fields - using either Ext.Msg.prompt or a floating FormPanel popup - when we try to enter the data in the popup window using the Android keyboard,...
  7. MVC: animation not working since render function shows the panel before setActiveItem

    When I use the MVC pattern according to the examples I've seen, animation doesn't work.

    The following is the example from the FastTrackToSenchaTouch training: ftst/walksolution/walk8-3

  8. In the example that I have given, how do I close...

    In the example that I have given, how do I close the first messagebox before showing the second one? In the callback function, on clicking ok on the first messagebox, how do I close the current...
  9. showing a messagbox from callback function of another messagebox

    From other threads, I read that the Ext.Messagebox is a singleton, and that there can be only one instance of a message at a given time.

    Here's my problem, which I believe is a valid...
  10. JsonReader problem when there's a single record

    I'm facing the following problem when I try to load data using an AjaxProxy / JsonReader.
    My AjaxProxy contains the following reader configuration

    {type: 'ajax',
    url: myUrl,
  11. how to add icons / buttons in a docked panel without using toolbar?

    I want to add a panel in the dockedItems, and include some html text and a couple of icons and buttons.
    The following code renders the docked panel with the html text, but the icons/buttons...
  12. Is it possible to insert a panel between rows of a List?

    Is it possible to insert a panel between rows of a List or DataView?
    On tapping on a row, I want to display a form just below the row.
  13. That worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!

    That worked perfectly! Thanks a lot!
  14. Carousel indicator overlapping with form controls

    I have a vertical Carousel in which I'm using a set of FormPanels, which allows me to flip through multiple forms.
    The problem I'm facing is that the Carousel indicator gets displayed on top of...
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    Solved. I found the solution in one of the other...

    I found the solution in one of the other posts in which the following example was given:
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    Hi Evan, I'm having trouble with a similar...

    Hi Evan,
    I'm having trouble with a similar scenario as the code given by you above. Here's what I want:

    - Tabpanel with multiple tabs
    - Tab1 is a list with data
    - Tap on an item in the list...
  17. That was easy! I changed List.update(data);...

    That was easy!
    I changed

    Now the data gets shown properly in the grouped list after the JSON query.
  18. blank rows on grouped list updated with JSON data

    I'm having some trouble updating a grouped list with JSON data.
    I have a store with some data that I initially display in the List. It displays fine, and shows the correct grouping.
    Then I get...
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