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  1. [OPEN] Updated on this issue

    I did trace a little further and see that the dropdown sort is sending correct information but when the store perform the sort using the sorter object, it seems to mess up the direction of the sort. ...
  2. [OPEN] ExtJs 6 - Grid column header's dropdown sort sending wrong sort direction.


    I notice that when I use sorter properties to sort grid column with a different column instead of display value, the column's header dropdown sort sending the wrong direction. This existed in...
  3. [OPEN] Ext JS 6.2.0 bug - Summary row freeze when using together with locked tree grid.


    I'm currently using extjs 6.0.2 and build a tree grid with locked and summary feature enable. Everything is working fine. I then try to swap the 6.0.2 library with 6.2.0 library and notice...
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    You can add a dash in between and make it unique....

    You can add a dash in between and make it unique. 'aa-bb' is not the same 'a-abb'
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