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  1. I see it working as coded (Chrome 43.0.2357.125):
    Click "Test", see Item 1 is checked.
    Check Item 2, the change event handler catches that and sets the checked state back to Item 1 immediately....
  2. Known issue. Solution here.
  3. Just noted that calling publishState does not eliminate the need to have publishes: ['hidden'] still in place. Both are required. Wouldn't it make sense to have the latter automatically implied when...
  4. You are mixing fit layout with custom size styling. This is a big "no-no" because with fit layout the underlying item is supposed to fit the whole parent container. By specifying your custom width,...
  5. Let's say we have a couple of components: box1 and box2. What is the most elegant way of making the visibility of box2 copy the visibility of box1?

    Prior to ExtJS5 I would think of attaching...
  6. The config option is for config options, not for class methods. Move your setActiveTab override out of the config section. Also remove the getter from there. Working fiddle:...
  7. That's because of HttpOnly — you can't access cookies with that flag from JavaScript.
  8. ChainedStores are supposed to alleviate the issue, but at the moment they seem to be playground toys only. You can't even use paging on them — not even saying of mixing buffered master stores with...
  9. Looks good, but I'd probably see if it affects performance. After all, if you need to htmlEncode absolutely everything unless explicitly configured otherwise, maybe it'll make sense to get the server...
  10. Not bug, it's a feature called minChars which defaults to 4 if queryMode = 'remote'.
  11. Instead of

    Ext.define('MVC.view.GoodGrid', { ....
    store: 'Good'
    you could make sure each order good grid has its own store:

    Ext.define('MVC.view.GoodGrid', {
  12. Yeah, pretty much. Or Ext.widget() — matter of taste. Just make sure you save reference to the dashboard object so that it can be destroyed easily when it needs to be recreated (e.g. user...
  13. Is there any reason you won't create the dashboard dynamically instead of reconfiguring the contents of existing one? Like this: your app page loads, makes AJAX call to receive dashboard config and...
  14. So that GET request you are talking about, are you sure it is originating from the proxy and is made in the course of saving the record and not just some image being requested or something? Does the...
  15. Re the first question, if you want panels minimizable I'd suggest desktop layout. It provides more freedom which would probably work in such a complex app.
  16. You need to call load on model itself, not on model instance. The method exists for both :). Try:

    App.model.User.load('e866ac54-d365-4b42-a4c7-xef8s2e453w8', {
    callback: function(rec) {
  17. Did you try something like the following in your panel config?

    bodyStyle: 'white-space: pre;',
    html: Ext.String.htmlEncode(panel_1_html),
  18. Did you try passing the iframe's document as second argument?

    Ext.DomQuery.selectNode('#downloadForm', me._downloadIFrame.dom.contentDocument)
    I didn't verify but it should work.
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    Isn't this what you want?
  20. Didn't know that! Thank you.

    Well if I do this:

    "production": {
    "js": [
    "path": "",
    "remote": true
  21. Firstly, how do we make production builds request app.js and *.css files from a certain CDN URL?
    What I do now is simply edit production app.json (the one already compressed!) and replace
  22. I can confirm it works. What happens there is the replacement of the following red-highlighted piece of code found in bootstrap.js and eventually making its way to index.html in compressed format:
  23. There is a toolbar in my ExtJS 5 app inside a container that can be resized while the browser window size is unchanged. The container can be an Ext.window.Window, or just a panel inside a border...
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    Looks like no :(
    We can see that the bufferedRenderer config option exists for grids but not for data views.
  25. +1!

    I am also using shared libraries in my ExtJS apps. In ExtJS4 it was just a matter of declaring namespaces and their respective Ext.Loader URLs which was leaving it up to the server side to...
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