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  1. Hi all,

    today I tried FireFox 3.6 with GXT 2.1 and 2.1.1 and found an issue with scrollbars and visible focus outlines. Searching the bug forum of ext-js you find
  2. Perfect, thanks a lot, again.
  3. Hm, what do you mean with setInputStyle-Method? I don't find that.

    Wouldn't it be possible to pass something like setStyleAttribute("textAlign", "right") (wich does not work at the moment) or to...
  4. Thanks for that.
  5. Would this be necessary for all style attributes?

    i.e. text-align: right;

    which is now applied to the div, not to the textfield?
  6. ok, we can try that, but the 100% was much simpler than the following (if there is a possibility to reactivate the old behaviour, that would be great):

    for (int i = 0; i <...
  7. With the current rev. in 2.0 branch we have an additional problem with textfields.

    In our application, we sometimes open a window (i.e. for a security-component). With a button on this window we...
  8. But what would be the best way to resize a textfield inside a resizable comonent? For our example, do we need to add listeners and add the width manually?
  9. Hi Sven,

    I do not agree. The textfield was correctly rendered in GXT 2.0.1. The gerenated code looked as follows and as expected (I added tf.setStyleAttribute("textAlign", "right"); to test a...
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    I don't think, that this is possible.
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    No, its not part of 1.7, its part of the 2.0 trunk, committed in the last 2 weeks. >ou only get it by compiling the source as described here:
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    No, GWT 2.0 means the current trunk of GWT. Its not part of GXT.
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    Did anyone of you already tried the new GWT RPC implementation in GWT 2.0?
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    Hi dev-Team,

    just a small translation issue. Can you add

    tabPanelItem_closeOtherText=Alle anderen Tabs schliessen


  15. Rendering issues where bugs in my code. GWT 2.0 in OOPHM works. Thanks a lot.
  16. Perfect, it seems to work. Some rendering issues, but thats ok for the moment. Is this part of M3 or post M3?

    Thanks a lot.
  17. Its the same behaviour as on

    if you hide "Company" and then open the context-menu of "Symbol" the context-menu of "Last" is opened.
  18. As on the original problem you can test this when modifying "Basic-Grid" Example (com.extjs.gxt.samples.client.examples.grid.GridExample) from the explorer and add the line column.setHidden(true);...
  19. This originally posted error is solved with Rev. 1507. Unfortunately I get the following error in the same testcase, when I want to open the context-menu for the last column.
  20. Yes, thats true. My hope was, that the trunk is stable, because Google Wave is using this as well. I saw some presentation from the Google IO
  21. Hi all,

    today I tried to use the current GWT Trunk with GXT because I wanted to try, if the OOPHM works with our application. Unfortunately I got an error (see below)

    Did anyone tried this as...
  22. Just saw your changes in the trunk, thanks for the quick implementation.

    But what I saw was, that you use the Map interface in the RPCMap. This behaviour of this could lead to, what was observed...
  23. Yes, you can add it to your blog if you want to. I did not do any benchmarking, but I have the impression, that it is faster. I have a TreePanel with a Filter, and there > 10.000 gets are made on the...
  24. Hi,

    thanks for this article. I tried to use your results to improve the performance of our application, and therefore had some problems with RPC.

    What I did was, that I modified the RPCMap of...
  25. Hi Dev-Team,

    after synchronizing the current trunk this morning (rev 1492) the column.setHidden(true); is ignored while opening a grid. The gridheader displays also the hidden columns. The content...
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