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  1. IE hangs is because of this call->/dwr/call/plainpoll/ReverseAjax.dwr?, so whats the solution?
    I have added controller in dwr.xml
  2. yes ,/dwr/call/plainpoll/ReverseAjax.dwr is invoked i saw this call in firebug
  3. Hi All,
    I have a problem in IE, when i click a logout link browser hangs for a while.
    I have a login page, after successful login it redirects user to main.jsp page, Where i'm setting up a reverse...
  4. Hi Condor,
    I'm able to rectify the problem. Actually i have overridden the Ext.grid.GridPanel "onDestroy" method and i have commented the following lines in my overridden method. Below are the...
  5. Thank you,
    Two methods getGridTable() and build() returns only one instance of Ext.grid.GridPanel instead of creating each time
  6. Hi All,
    I have a center region panel which is a place holder with fit layout with two button "Add" and "Remove". I have a grid which i'm adding and removing from the place holder panel. Initially...
  7. Hi All,
    Can any one help me, when i try to logout it takes lots of time to redirect to another jsp page in EXtjs application.

    I have a link "lout" which is in "main.jsp" page,when i click it a...
  8. may i know the solution for that?
  9. Hi All,
    Can any one help me out, i need a solution for this very soon, i'm expecting a help from you guys.

    /// Update Tree Node quicktips
    // usage updateqt(n, n.attributes.qtip , qtitletext);...
  10. hi
    still it doesnt work,
    but i tried the following code its works fine. Actually we needs to select any previous node and call the removeChild() method.
    var sm1 =...
  11. here in my code

    node.eachChild(function(grpNode) {
    for (i=0;i<arrGrpDel.length;i++) {
    if ("_")+1) == arrGrpDel[i]) { // matching...
  12. Hi All,
    Can any one tell me how to remove the selected node from the tree.
    I have tried with the following codes none of them is working

    var sm =...
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    Thank you very much, it working :)
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    Hi All,
    I have a password field i want to restrict a filed length to 10 characters after 10 character i should not able to enter further characters.

    password = new Ext.form.TextField({
    "id" :...
  15. Hi All,
    Can any one help me,
    I have 3 groups (g1,g2,g3) in the grouping grid, i have to add a record tp g2 dynamically.

  16. Any solutions for my querry?
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    could u send some snippet ... ?
  18. Hi All,
    How to hide the select all check box in the the grid column header
    i did using
    var sm = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel({"header" : '');
    it did work in IE, but appearing in FF
  19. it works in IE, but not in FF
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    Hi All,
    I want to hide check box in the grid column header. i.e i want to hide single column header not the entire headers, can any one help me

  21. Thanks
  22. Hi All,
    Please help me out in changing the background color of Ext.Window component to white.
    i have read in few forums but there is no effect.

    mainly i need a overridden css class to change the...
  23. Hi All
    Can any one help, plz send me snippet
    I want to display a String in the Grid when there is values/rows in the Grid.
    Help is greatly appriciated.

  24. Hi All,

    I want to change the center region components dynamically. I have an empty Panel with the region:"center" and attached to the view port. To this panel i will add/remove components.

  25. Hi All,
    I want to Drag a TreeNode and drop into the Grid, so any one please help me urgent, below are the my Grid and Tree code

    Grid code

    var reader = new{}, [{
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