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  1. Thanks , but can you let me know whats needs to be corrected in my case.

    When i use JSOverlays with XTemplates, it does not render any value. It just displays the variables as it is.
    I have...
  2. Mixed Charts does not help us.

    My point is, when using mixed chart, if there is bar chart and a line chart. What if there is no data point for a marker where there is a bar chart.
    Basically, the...
  3. Also, how do i know that the "Charts" are loaded , any handler or event?
  4. What is m_leftAxis and m_rightAxis in your code?

    PreciseRectangle prL = m_leftAxis.getBBox(); int dashSpace = 2 * m_leftAxis.getDashSize(); PreciseRectangle prR =...
  5. Thanks PhiLo, and sharing with me infor on moxie group chart too , pretty interesting.
    I will try out .

    In the above chart, you see a "Vertical " bar that gets highlighted when you scroll to a Line series data point.
    I would like to do something similar.

  7. I am trying to add "qtip" directly to the element.By using "getElement().setAttribute", does not work.
    **In Firebug, I do see the "qtip" attribute attached to the DIV element, but, when i hover...
  8. Hi,
    I have old 2.5 code which i am migrating to 3.0. I would like to fire an event on TextButton click.
    This is what i am trying. i am getting error "fireEvent" not defined . Probably because...
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    I read the java doc . Where Viewport is inheriting from "SimpleContainer ".
    It says
    "SimpleContainer takes one child and sizes it to match the...
  10. Hi,
    I would like to add "text" or Text Sprite in side a RectangleSprite rectangle. How do i perform this?
  11. Hi,
    Can i create 2 or more independent graphs/series in same Chart. And as per my understanding. A chart can have only 1 store. on Time Axis graph.

    Basically i will fill...
  12. You can over ride setLabelProvider, to create a gap on the TimeAxis.
    For example like this.

    time.setLabelProvider(new LabelProvider<Date>() {
  13. Hi,
    I posted this question in a general discussion before . Posting it in right place .

    I am using ext gwt 3.0. I want to make sure which approach is better. Either using AutoBeans or...
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    Hi ,
    I am using Ext GWT 3.0 beta 2. Also using charts.

    I want to know if using JSON wth AutoBeans or using Overlays, Which one is a better approach and why?
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    I would like to understand , which option for JSON unmarshalling is better?

    JSONReader with Autobeans or Overlays?
  16. Thanks Brendan,
    That helps in step 1 for me.That works for changing Marker colors and attributes etc.
    But, if i want to "replace" the marker and update it with something like...
  17. Hi,
    I am working on Line charts. I want to be able to customize look and feel of each Marker based on the data type.

    How do i do that.

    Currently, the markers are set for entire chart....
  18. I am using ext gwt 3.0 charts. I want to customize, Line chart markers. They might be displayed sometimes, and sometimes not.

    How do i customize their look and feel based on item.
  19. Hi,
    I am using ext gwt 3.0 beta 2. I am working on TimeAxis with Numberic Y-Axis.

    I see that that the Last value on Y-Axis does not get displayed. Even , when the Y-Axis Intervals, should end...
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