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  1. Hi. In IE there are errors:

    SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method "removeEventListener" ext-debug.js, line 9129 symbol 25
    SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of property...
  2. Thanks! You're right, I've made mistake in patching and try to do something with delay.
  3. Thank you for patch, it works! But there is something strange. Firstly, I change code like this:

    // View has changed, may be a full refresh or just a single row
    onViewChange: function () {...
  4. Please, see the example and try collapse Grid.

    var columns = [];
    var col1 = {
    flex: 1,
    dataIndex: "col1"
  5. Yes, you are right and understood what I mean. I want to use auto-height. "Elements" the same as "rows".
    Firstly, I'm creating a Grid and after that I'm adding elements to Grid's store. I don't...
  6. Hi! I'm using version 4.1.1. Since switching applyTemplate to apply all works great except one. After adding several elements Grid doesn't increase size. If I add for example height: 1000 to Grid...
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    "Browser mode = IE9, Document mode = IE9" - that what I see in Developer tools(F12) when I open a page in the first time. If I change document mode to any others and after that again change Document...
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    First content string of grid doesn't render correctly in IE 9 in iframe. At localhost without iframe the same problem.


    Who knows, how fix it?
  9. Solved by adding

    selType:'cellmodel', plugins:[Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing',{ clicksToEdit:1})],
  10. Hi. In your example textfield doesn't catch spacebar keydown. How can I add it ?
  11. Hello! I wanna insert Ext component, such as button or text field into grid cell. Here is simple part of code:
    Ext.create('', {
    storeId: 'simpsonsStore',
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    Yes, I want the cell to wrap, and rows to be autosized
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    Hello. In example basic grid!/api/Ext.grid.Panel we can paste a long text in any field ( "name" : "text...text"). After rendering text will be cut ( text ...)....
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