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  1. Yes it is there and working fine for Firefox but we need a snippet of code for IE10 such that its works on IE environment.
  2. We are using the following code for firefox which is working fine.We need a snippet of code or example similarly for IE10.

    if (Firefox) {
    fileSrc = '<iframe src = "data:' +...
  3. Thanks a lot it worked.
  4. Thanks Gary. This worked but the link is getting added in the columns. ...
  5. Can you please direct me to an example or snippet of code.

  6. Hi,

    Please help me in customizing the header of a grid.
    I need to add few links in header and should give some actions for that.

    Any help is appreciated.

  7. Hi Team,
    I would like to know approach for capturing a image from a "Webcam" on the screen component. Is there any plugins or any approach to move on .Just let me know .

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Hi there!!

    I know the procedure to send data to server, but before sending, I need to construct the request which is in JSON format.
    I have the JSON structure that needs to be sent to server, my...
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    I need to render a image beside component this is working fine for "textfield" but for combobox it is rendering bottom of the component.I am trying to use "afterBodyEl" config and below is my...
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    Hi Team,

    I want to populate form data and some extra information (which is not direct form fields) to existing JSON file and send to server.
    The sample JSON format is:

  11. I have tried by wrapping inside fieldcontainer but it is still same the image is still rendering down only.
  12. I have tried before only.But it does not work. let me know any other hints or possibilities that can work.I am still trying on that.
  13. my final output is like this
    Now you can easily understand by looking at combobox where image is placed bottom of the combobox
  14. This is app.js file

    name : 'NAP',
    appFolder : 'app',
    requires :...
  15. Ok.Sure .I will send the text of all my files which is in mvc architecture.
    I am updating.Now you can test.My problem is in the final output for textfields the image is rendered properly where as...
  16. I tried only afterBodyEl with a span class attached to it. And apart from that
    i used above mechanism in my controller
    var abc=Ext.getCmp(id).bodyEl.dom.children[x];
  17. I have JSON as below.
    "context": {
    "contextList": [{
    "": [{
    "attrName": "",
    "attrValue": {...
  18. How to apply cls for a component dynamically in extjs after component is rendered.

    I need to apply it by using afterBodyEl.
    In the following way
    afterBodyEl='<span class="xyz"/>';
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    I have done with the solution.I implemented it with trigger .
    My question was to create a image which on clicks generates a tooltip for the component .The image should be placed beside component.
  20. Use
    minValue:new Date(),
    maxValue:new Date()
    This works perfectly to disable all dates from date picker expect today's date
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    I have a created a custom textfield for which i need to place a image(like icon info symbol) on which if user clicks it should provide a tooltip with "some message" the image is fine for the first...
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    My requirement is to create a combobox with some image before it.I am trying to use beforeBodyEl(config) inside beforerender function but the image is rendered on top of combobox. Any suggestions to...
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    If there are any alternatives still let me know.I will check out that too...
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    The hint given by you is also not controlling the flickering effect .My solution is working.I need to overcome the flickering effect. The hint given by you is also facing the same flickering effect...
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