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  1. You could also checkout the SWFUpload documentation, the command:


    Might be useful to you. I used another command like it (setUploadURL) to change the upload URL like this:

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    Ibouthillier, Your solution to init the control in tab change worked great for me. Thanks!
  3. Same here, thanks for this thread. I was having problems with this:

    var test = Ext.util.JSON.decode('{"name":"james\nwright"}');

    Get an unterminate string error, after using the json2...
  4. I got round it by using the "update" method of the status proxy, but now I've lost the indicator which shows if it's a valid dropzone or not.

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    Hi Everyone!

    First post to the forums, so before I start I wanted to say a big thank you to all the contributors on the forums, I've learned a lot from searching these forums.

    I'm working on my...
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