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  1. I've updated this SenchaFiddle to show that the same issue occurs when the draggable container is inside a scrolling panel - it cannot be dragged outside the container:
  2. I have an item inside a carousel that I have made draggable, but I can't drag it outside of the carousel into the rest of the app.

    I have set the constraints to:

    min: { x: -Infinity, y:...
  3. Thank you!
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    Thanks for your reply.

    On what picker event would I fire the checkPickerCondition function?

    At present I want to prevent the hiding of the picker if they don't select a date from a specific...
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    Hi there.

    I'm using an Ext.picker.Date and I have some checks I run on the hide event. However, if a certain criteria is met, I want to stop the process and have the date picker not hide.

  6. Should I write this up as a formatted bug report?
  7. When accessing text (and number) input boxes on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, a default white box with an orange border appears.

    This is highly annoying, as sometimes it seems to appear in the wrong...
  8. Thank you rdougan.

    This colour issue has been a pain in my ass for a while now.

    Much appreciated.
  9. I've successfully got my application compiled into an apk file, and deployed to my Android devices.

    But when I run it there, the notification bar is present and I'd like it to be fullscreen,...
  10. Hmmm. I tried setting the focus on button click, so the view was already rendered and everything, but that worked on my PC but not on the mobile device.

    If that doesn't work, it seems I can't set...
  11. I've got a view which animates in from the right with an slide animation.

    On that view I have a number field which I want to have focus, so the keyboard is up and ready to be typed on.

    But I...
  12. Thanks mitchellsimoens.

    I've implemented this method, and while I agree it is a better way to do it, it doesn't seem to have increased the performance of the fade on the Android devices I have...
  13. Hello there.

    I'm wondering what is the best way to swap out two panels on the screen with a fade effect?

    I have two panels which I have positioned over top of each other using CSS. panelOne is...
  14. Thanks to your comment, I only wasted about 45 minutes.
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    Thanks mitchellsimoens.

    That's just the thing I'm looking for.
  16. I found this worked when using this.element.on - this.elementon is incorrect.
  17. I was animating the panel which holds the carousel.

    But it's all good now. It turned out it was a CSS issue I was dealing with. Thanks for responding though.
  18. I have a carousel which works fine (for now), which I render off the screen. Then, on a button tap event, I animate (slide) it onto the screen. But once it slides on, the carousel no longer works.
  19. I'm having this problem too. Did anyone find a solution?
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