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  1. .x-field-select::after {
    border-top-color: red !important;

    That did it.
  2. Nope. I just did this:

    .x-field-select :after { background: red none !important; }

    I have removed all my custom styles too with no difference. Very frustrating, especially with a client saying...
  3. Nope, see screenshot of style being applied but to no effect
  4. I would like to change the colour of the down arrow on the select box. I have tried and failed to figure it out using the inspector in Chrome.

    Can someone point me in the right direction of what...
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    Cheers, I did this. Then 5 minutes later I realised that I hadn't changed my json URLs to point at the webserver rather than "../".


    Phonegap and sencha touch work brilliantly. Who need...
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    Do I need to do anything special to get phonegap and sencha touch geolocation to work?

    I get asked to permit seeking for my location but it doesn't get past my "locating" loader, it doesn't even...
  7. Great, just what I was missing. Been adding/removing scrolls like mad trying to get lists to scroll and things not to scroll!
  8. this.scroller.scrollTo({x: 0, y: 0}, true);
  9. So on my app,, I have the GfB logo which is just a gif loaded in a component using html.

    However it looks really fuzzy on the retina display.

  10. Now I guess I need to do some CSS foo to get an arrow per list item to show that the user should touch to see more info.

    Anyone done this, can it be done using the framework?

    Also any hints on...
  11. My app I am building, http:// has a strange problem,

    To view it, click "Quick Search", type "Oxford" then search. Click the first item on the list. Then click...
  12. You can only get access to the scroller object on a panel after render. It doesn't exist until render is called.

    So you can use the afterrender event to do what you need to do.
  13. Using options like this, in the Kitchen sink forms.js line 160.

    xtype: 'toolbar',
    dock: 'top',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'selectfield',
  14. Ah ha cracked it. It needs to be done after render.

    so I've done this.

    afterRender: function(){
    this.scroller.on('scroll', function (comp, offset) {
  15. Hmm it seems that the scroll property is protected somehow. I do a console.log on (this) and I can see the property. If I do a console.log on (this.scroller) i get an undefined variable.

    Does it...
  16. As suggested in my earlier topic, I would like to load in more items to a list as the user gets near the end of the list.

    I thought that hooking into the move event on the list would be what I was...
  17. Hello,

    If your select box has 42 items or more it won't render correctly in Chrome, version 9.0.572.1 dev. Works fine on my iPhone simulator (iOS 4.2). Less than 42 items it is fine.

    I have...
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    Ach lots of typos in those posts, hope the make sense if not blame auto complete and the hour...
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    List/dataview used to have the ability to have 'items' like other components as well as the list items. So I stuck a button on after load manually (setitem didn't work) but the property...
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    Ah the move event, with a bit of fudging that might just be the answer! Was a bit of a struggle to navigate the docs on the phone think they could do with using touch too....
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    What like infinite scrolling? Is it possible to monitor that with an event! I'm on my phone now so don't have the docs to hand. That would just be the job though.
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    I would like to have a button at the bottom of a list view that "loads more" items into the list.

    Now I fudged this in using "items" on a listView and some knarly CSS but items on lists have been...
  23. Okay I remove the moreButton from listView and change the layout to "fit" then it works fine.

    However this isn't what I am after, I want a button at the bottom of the list. Is this not possible?
  24. Okay I am getting no where with this, can no one help point me in the right direction?

    I've tried setting the height of the listView, tried setting a vbox layout, tried calling doLayout and...
  25. What I am trying to do is have a "load more" button at the bottom of a ajax populated list. I have got all the code working with a docked button, but I would now like to have it at the bottom.
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