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  1. Sencha momentum scrolling works great until you insert 20 or more 80x60px jpg thumbnails into a list.. There is pretty big performance drop from what I've seen so far..

    Wondering if anyone has...
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    Figured it out in case anyone else had the same issue..

    In PhoneGap 1.1 you have to add a few extra domains to your "External Hosts" to get Google Maps to work.

    I added the following external...
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    App was working perfectly before I upgraded to PhoneGap 1.1.0. I've narrowed the problem down to my xtype: 'map' not working. As I said maps worked perfectly in the earlier Phonegap version.. I...
  4. The solution above fixed the issue for me. Added it to my index.html right after the sencha.js is loaded.

    Big thanks to the author.
  5. Hi,
    I have 15 images, each around 200k that get loaded into a carousel. There are no stores or json feeds involved (yet - can do if needed). Here is an example of how my carousel is setup:

  6. items: [{ title: 'Map', layout: 'fit', ...
  7. I have an issue where I need to reverse geocode an address to get lat/lng pairs for my map (it selects addresses from a MySql database, in which I do not have lat/lng pairs stored) While the...
  8. Hi,

    Basically I followed the Nested List example provided here:

    Then instead of something like:

    detailCard = new ExtPanel({ ...
  9. I solved this by adding items to the detailCard and setting it to layout: 'card'

    I then added buttons to dockedItems: [{xtype: 'button'}] with handlers at the top of detailCard to navigate...
  10. Hi,
    The topic pretty much sums it up. I have been able to open a map (which uses Google's geocoding service) in its own panel but am having trouble getting it to behave. I also need to add a back...
  11. Great, thanks. I am able to get "foo" into the modal window now.

    Is there a simple way to get a variable called listing_id out of a panel? Maybe calling it like on a webpage (get element by id or...
  12. Here is the correctly pasted code:

    var show_big_image = function(){
    if (!this.popup) {
    this.popup = new Ext.Carousel({
    floating: true,
    modal: true,
    centered: true,
  13. Trying to pass listing_id and listing_name to a modal/ popup window, not sure what I am doing wrong though. Any ideas?

    var show_big_image = function(){ if (!this.popup)...
  14. About to send my app to the app store and this is the only thing holding me up - any chance someone from the dev team could provide a css fix for my particular issue? (hack is fine - i couldnt figure...
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    Might be a dumb question - does an online emulator exist for Android devices?
  16. Would be nice if there was a way in the nested list component to add padding to the left of the title somehow.

    If anyone has suggestions that would be great. It is the one issue I have left to fix...
  17. Any solution to the back button overlapping long titles in the nested list component? Would be nice to nudge long titles to the right a little ( like native iphone apps)

    Look forward to the next...
  18. Sorry, title of this thread should read: Nested List "Back" button Overlapping Toolbar Title

    (Mods please change when you get a moment, I'm not seeing the option to edit the thread title)
  19. The title of my nested list is getting overlapped by the "back" button when the text is too long.

    Is there ANY way to right align the nested list title? Even better - add 10px of padding to the...
  20. nevermind, this did the trick:

    html: '<div>foo</div>' +
  21. I need to link to a carousel from an element inside of a tpl. I have three thumbnails inside of a tpl, each sharing a class of "gallery_listing_image". I would like to link each to a larger version...
  22. Ok, so right-aligning the nested list title text was easy, just added: .x-toolbar-title {text-align: right;}

    But, it wasn't what I needed to do after all. What I need to do is add padding to the...
  23. Has anyone figured out how to right align the title in the nested list component?
  24. This is exactly what I am trying to do. Tried adding a spacer after title: "Regions" in the code but everything remained in the middle and overlapped. I'd also like to truncate the text if over a...
  25. This would be great. Having the same problem with my leaf - it is showing the name of the root as title..
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