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    I think one problem I have is the "Sencha Architect" info page is misleading (

    This seems to imply I can use architect in conjunction with my favorite...
  2. It appears this was added as a "node" item. In the toolbox there is now a "resources" category. And in the project inspector there is a "resources" node at the bottom. That should be what you need.
  3. @vietits : brilliant.

    That's exactly what I needed. Side note, you answered more quickly (and correctly) than the "premium support".

  4. Hi All,

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to get what seems like basic functionality to work. I also am not sure if how I'm doing this is appropriate.

    So, I have a store to load data, and a...
  5. I think I have the idea now on the approaches to try out. Thanks for all your advice Aurther. Now.. how do I mark a thread as "answered?"
  6. Thanks Aurthur.

    I think I want to do this calculation separate from the grid. The grid was really for me to "get my feet wet" on pulling json data. So the thing is that I want to do a...
  7. Hi All -

    I'm still pretty new to ExtJs 4 and I'm trying to get a feel for where and how to manipulate data. Currently I have an example running that pulls issues from an issue tracker (jira) and...
  8. One more comment on grid loading I just discovered. Changing the model data behind the columns doesn't update the grid, but if I resize the column it will update. So I do have a workaround there that...
  9. So somehow it started working. I went back and saw that "autoload" was turned off on the store. So I turned it on. Then for the heck of it, hit preview again and this time all the data loaded. The...
  10. Okay, so yes, the userClassName and the storeid do match - and that seems to make sense since the grid in the designer does load.

    Any more thoughts on why the preview may not be working?

  11. So, the model has a different classname than the store, but the store is linked to the model:

    storeId: 'MyJsonStore',
  12. Hi All,

    I'm currently having an issue with mapping nested values in a store within designer. I have a data set that looks like:

    "total": 234,
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    Same issue is still occurring. Has this ever been fixed? Looks like the original post was a month ago. Seems odd the issue would still be there. Anyone else have this problem?
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