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  1. You tried to attach the autoSizeColumns() to the left (west?) region's proper events?


    r_west = yourLayout.getRegion('west');
    r_west.on('resized', pp);
    r_west.on('collapsed', pp);
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    Exactly that is the problem what I have at the moment, Illiarian.

    Still couldn't figure out what I could do, but I guess it's not supported currently. Would love to hear from an Ext dev about this...
  3. I see. Here's the code, it's very simple:

    init: function() {
    innerLayout = new Ext.BorderLayout( 'product-grid', {
    center: { split: true, collapsible: false, titlebar: false,...
  4. What do you mean by not firing when you want?

    The 'layout' will fire when a layout redraw happens, I guess. Since the grid columns can only loose their fitting on window or panel resize, you...
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    No takers? :(
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    Is there a way to add more elements to a Form after it's render called?

    For example, one of my forms has a button with a callback that does this:

    ... Form code, finishing with a render()...
  7. When you use the split bar handles to resize the layout, that's not a 'layout' event, but a ContentPanel's or a Region's resized / resize (I don't know why the one letter difference).

    Since I have...
  8. See this.
  9. Finally, I've done it after some source digging.

    Using the 'layout' event, I've attached a callback what uses the GridView autoSizeColumns().

    Like this

    // Attaching the even handler...
  10. Ok, I hit a wall.

    I've hooked up on region's resized, but unfortunately that's only fires when a user using the in-layout split bars to resize a region (I guess).

    I figured, that I need to...
  11. This did it and in the meantime, I just discovered how wonderfully I can work with nested layouts :)

    Thanks, Joe.
  12. Hi Joe,

    let me be a bit more specific. My main issue is separating descriptors (like a layout setup, a menu structure) from logic (like doing a layout upgrade, refreshing a grid).

    Like the...
  13. Hm, it seems that document.body is null, of course, it doesn't load up when the <head> scripts are.

    Then again, how can I avoid to hook everything into Ext.onReady and use multiple js files (sort...
  14. Hi guys,

    after a bit of developing in Ext, my one file for everything approach started to get out of hand. I've tried to separate my code into multiple files and call Ext.onReady from a main file...
  15. Thanks a lot, Animal. I'm gonna figure out, how to do that propely.
  16. Hi guys,

    I have tried everything, still no luck. Browsed this forums but couldn't find an exact solution to this problem.

    I have a GridPanel added to a NestedLayoutPanel in my main...
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    No, the question was about the buttons, and it was a stupid one now I see :)

    Thanks Animal, looks like I have to design some, if I want taller Toolbars / Menubuttons.
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    Is it possibile to change the height of a toolbar? If yes, how? I did not found anything about it in the docs.

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