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  1. Hi rafaelrp,

    I use the UX Ext.ux.grid.column.ActionButtonColumn like below:

    ,width: 60
    ,items: [{
  2. elixir1 I recommend the two links below:
    ExtJS 4.2 Walkthrough - Part 4: Steppin’ in Some CRUD (I recommend you see the related posts)
    Criando uma Aplicação CRUD com ExtJS 4 MVC: Parte 1...
  3. Thank you for the answer. I tested with version 4.2.1 Beta and the bug is not occurred.
  4. Hi everyone,

    In my project I use combobox with remote mode. I updated my version for 4.2.0 and the combobox's store is loaded when the field is rendered. Below the description of bug (or possible...
  5. Hi Rameshlamani, you may use the method collect.
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    Hi timyyo,

    You can have 15 fields in your Model and show only 5 column in your Grid. You do not need show all fields of your Model in your Grid, only those who you need.
    There are many examples...
  7. It is stranger, do you used my last example? Because I tested this example in IE8. What is your ext version? Put here the image as was your test.
    Other thing is if your CSS file was loaded with the...
  8. It is too stranger. Do you may create an example for testing?
  9. You're welcome.
  10. :D
    And remember: "The use of fixed IDs is not a good practice"
  11. alim88, I changed my code for old versions, see in this thread
  12. alim88, I used the version ExtJS 4.2, I tried in others old version and the event is not fired. So I changed my custom HTMLEditor for supported old versions. See the code below:

  13. Hi Rameshlamani,

    The use of fixed IDs is not a good practice, as your example shows. You can use the class Ext.ComponentQuery to rescue your components. So you can get your components through the...
  14. Esha, I add your code in my example and the combobox field is displayed with disabled style. Below the code:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN"...
  15. Esha, can you make me an example of how is implementing.
  16. Esha, you add the custom CSS in your file? See the example below:

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
  17. You could create a new column subclasses with the attribute "defaultRenderer".

    Ext.define('Ext.grid.column.Custom', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.column.Column'
    ,alias: 'widget.customcolumn'
  18. silveralecs, I do not know for sure. But I think if the component is an container, so that your items will be Clickable.

    The main difference between "fireEvent()" and "focus()" are:
    The first...
  19. Hi alim88, see if this thread help you.
  20. Hi Esha,

    This occurs because of the style used in the CSS class "x-item-disabled" label does turn gray in IE. I always create a CSS class for disabled fields and add the attribute "disabledCls" in...
  21. Hi evs.saad,

    The method getValue returns the seleced value or values in your field. Or in event "select" you may get the value through selected record using the method "get", informing which field...
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    mohaskuar, Why do you need this argument? You need this button to rescue your Form? Because your function "submitLogin()" should have as scope your Form.
    I published a post showing how use the class...
  23. The method "this.getConditionsConditionsGridView()" will return the class with static methods not the component instance.
    Do you may create a reference for this component using property refs in your...
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    You're welcome
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    Hello bozzoz,

    If your error message is included in the response object, you can rescue the returned object through the property "rawData" of class For example:

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