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  1. Problem solved!

    The latest version of Phonegap builder is 2.1.0. With this version I get the blank screen.

    When I choose an older version of Phonegap builder (2.0.0) it works fine!
    You can...
  2. I've made a zip file of the source code.

    I uploaded this zip file in the Phonegap builder and then the blank screen appears when opening on an...
  3. What did you do to fix it?
  4. Solved.

    I forgot to change the css files I-|
  5. Update Sencha Touch app from 2.0.1. to 2.1

    When I update my app from ST 2.0.1 to ST 2.1, my app doesn't work anymore.

    How to update from ST 2.0.1 to ST 2.1?
  6. When I package my Sencha Touch app with Phonegap builder I don't get any errors.
    Although, when I start the app I get a BLANK screen and nothing happens.

    What could I do wrong?

    PS. I'm using...
  7. I tried the following code to disable page transitions in Sencha Touch 2.0.1 but it doesn't work:

    if ( {
  8. Thanks for your response.

    It works. Although, now I don't have a check if the OS is Android or not. And it doesn't work for the tabpanel.
  9. Anyone who can help me?
  10. I used the following tutorial to learn the basics:

    This tutorial consists of 5 parts.
  11. UPDATE

    I found the following function which should disable transitions:

  12. I want to disable page transitions for Android devices but don't know how.

    Here is the code of my app.js class:

    name: 'app',
  13. Problem solved!

    There went something wrong with retrieving coordinates.

    Now it works fine.
    lat = geoResult[0];
    lng =...
  14. Thanks for you response!

    What is the variable 'me' in your code?

    I changed it to:
    var me = this.getGoogleMapsCard(); --> (which is my Ext.Map class)

    My code is now:
  15. Let's say I want to open the location "London" in the maps view. How can I realise this?
  16. Do you have an example for me?
  17. I want to open a specific location with Ext.Map but cannot find how to achieve this.

    Ext.define("app.view.GoogleMaps", {
    extend: 'Ext.Map',
    alias: "widget.googlemapscard",

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    I did something wrong but now it works. Thank you!
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    Doesn't work either.

    Ext.define("app.view.GoogleMaps", {
    extend: 'Ext.Map',
    alias: "widget.googlemapscard",
    config: {
    layout: 'fit',
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    I have a panel and want to place a map (Google maps) within it. Is this possible?

    When I open my maps page directly it works fine but when I put it in a panel I only get a blank white page without...
  21. Anyone who can help me?
  22. Nothing happens when I remove that.
  23. Result is the same if I do that.

    Note that I commented 2 things in my home panel. If I uncomment these 2 things, the app won't start en gives errors (like I gave in some posts before).

  24. The error is resolved.

    Now the main problem is still not solved.

    I see multple panels when I click at a tab. (see picture below)
    I clicked at Home tab and I see the panels: "home" and...
  25. Now I get an error when opening the page.

    Shall I upload my project?
    I think I do something wrong and I don't know what..

    Errors with Chrome debugger:
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