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    Our development team has been struggling with issues here and there, and were hoping the next major release will resolve most of the issues.

    Most of the issues retain:

    Source control...
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    Its literally now a few days short of the 6 month release anniversary of 2.1.

    Was wondering if we're anywhere closer to getting the next major update to architect?
  3. I'm not sure to what extent your planning on using ExtJS, but for a simple, development of front end, and some JSON files to simulate data from a server. I would suggest you try this light weight...
  4. I was wondering if its possible to have a collapsable panel, that has a tab that you clicked on, to hide and show the panel, as apposed to a header?

    I'm well aware of tab panels, but there a...
  5. Well, Just as a finished typing this post, I went and did some more experimenting, and it would appear that the appFolder parameter on the application will accept urls. and this does exactly what I...
  6. Problem:
    I currently have a situation, where we'd like to host extjs logic, on an offsite server. while keeping the HTML page, local (e.g. app.html)

    The reason for this, is were...
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    Thanks daniel.

    And Ya, I've only been here in Davenport, IA, for about a year now.
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    There was a Webinar, a week ago on Sencha Touch/ExtJS/Architect. We were told that, they content from the webinar, would be uploaded, and a recording of the webinar would be available, are these...
  9. I've gone ahead and reported it as suggested.

    This still does not ease usage.

    Currently, in our current practices, it means, checking out, each of the 3 files, that correspond, to what would...

    Architect Build tested:

    Build: 640
  11. Yes, it does show the error.

    The problem here is, that regardless if you edited a file or not, All the meta files are regenerated when you save the project.

    So, Everything returns an error...
  12. This is a bit silly, but the "title" tag is generated from the "name" parameter inside the xds file.

    Also, note, that the "name" parameter is also used when saving the xds file, so if the name...
  13. Merging conflicts, is not so much hard as it is tedious. Though I can't say I have run into any actual Merge conflicts myself, in regards to the meta files.

    As far as understanding the metadata,...
  14. Down the road, once we've gotten, things in a semi working state, have most of our views, models, stores, defined, and decided on the best controller structure, I don't see this being a huge problem....
  15. The Problem:
    The company I'm working for, have started a rather large project, which is going to live on Ext, for the most part. Getting started, were finding it a difficult task, to work with...
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    I searched through the thread a bit and didn't see anything posted about this.

    When I make a controller actions, with overloads, "directapi", won't make references to that controller.

    Why is...
  17. Was wondering if any work had moved forward on this, and that we might be able to see some of this in the near future?
  18. Was this fixed? I'm running ext-4.1.1, and this event does not seam to be firing.

    The last version I'm able to get it to work in is ext-4.1.0-RC3.
  19. I've got a work around working for the time being. on the ItemAppend event for the treepanel, I'm appending the parents internalId, to the new node as a new data value called clientParentId. which is...
  20. I've had little luck solving this issue, any input would be appreciated.
  21. I might just be approaching it the wrong way. But I feel, that the AbstractStore sync issue is greatly flawed in the order in which it submit each new node to the server on a create call.

  22. I have a treeview, that has a selection change handler.

    The issue is, I also have checkboxes on all the tree nodes. that track the visibility of items associated with each of these nodes.

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    I was wondering if there's an infinitive list of keyboard shortcuts for Architect, and if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    I recall watching an early video of Designer 2 beta, and the...
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    In any instance where the code view is not in read-only mode.

    If you modify your code, in code view, File->undo does not undo these changes. This is probably not the intended use for the undo as...
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    Undo does not work as expected, you can not undo things that have been changed in code view.
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