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  1. This is in fact a good news. The previous Time axis was buggy with irregular time interval and not really usable.

    Of course, I agree that change log should reflect this...
  2. +1 Bug Tracker!

    We need a real open source community... don't wait for a fork to happen.
  3. It looks like there is a limit in size for the store being used by a chart.

    I'm using 4.0.7, and the limit is about 970 data points. After this artificial limit, the graph is simply empty.

  4. Please post the code that generate the chart.

    They changed the API in 4.0.7.
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    Can we get a path for this? When?

    With the release of ExtJS 4.0.7, the Time axis is now numeric and works fine with irregular data.

    It would be really great to have the same functionality with...
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    Is it possible to display a chart with irregular time data? This is supported in Highcharts:

  7. Thanks for this. I try, but it looks like you have the same problem I have. Removing configuration doesn't work, it looks like a Sencha Touch bug.

    Steps to reproduce with your App:
    1. Clean...
  8. Hi,

    I'm trying to store application settings in a the browser (HTML5 local storage) and I have difficulties to figure out a way to load and save settings without getting more than Store item. What...
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