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  1. ok, i found the problem i copied my ext js...

    ok, i found the problem

    i copied my ext js script in the filedir of my php file. now it works!

    other question how to handle an editable grid with the return values to php?
  2. defining an editable grid in extjs designer

    hi all,

    i have an json store and i load them to an editor grid panel. in the design viewi see the date (i reportet that in my post bevore), in thepreview not. i also cant edit the fields.

  3. problem with json store in grid-> cant see data

    hi all,

    i try to use the extjs designer. up to this time i think its an grate toll. some kind of child isius, but its ok.

    i build an json store and load some data via ajax to them. i matched...
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