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  1. my sencha build fails without clear erroe

    when i run my sencha app build my build fails and i am unable to make a build. i am pasting the code returned by cmd line and i would appreciate a help in this regard, the main problem is i dont...
  2. onLaunch in controller not working

    below is my code for controller class

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Main', {
    extend: '',

    models: [
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    hey thanks for replying, i have got things...

    hey thanks for replying, i have got things working here.
    somehow same code was not executing a while ago
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    Unable to use form data in php

    I have been able to create a form and am submitting form data.
    now the problem is i am not able to use that data in php.
    i am using this code
    $user = $_POST['username'];

    echo '{...
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