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    If you (Sencha) are interested we could...

    If you (Sencha) are interested we could demonstrate this for you.
    At the moment we have dealt with the symptom of the problem, i.e., we check each event from the radio/check group 'change' listener...
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    Insane problem in Chrome 30 (only)

    We are seeing a pretty crazy behaviour of ExtJS (yes, old, I know) in Chrome 30. This only affects this version of Chrome.

    The problem is that for CheckboxGroup and RadioGroup elements,...
  3. Resolved with middleware

    In the end we resolved the issue with a bit of django middleware. If the Authorization header was not present but existed as a post/get param it is copied to the header before reaching the...
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    This is pretty essential to allow setting headers for file uploads

    Without headers in the file upload anything to do with header based authentication (api calls etc.) that require a file upload is just not possible...
  5. Another thing we found

    The iframe seems to kill the session (django) and essentially log the whole session out.
    As well, if we open a new browser tab, and hit a url in a different port (same as would have happen in the...
  6. Cors is there and working - ExtJS is the problem here....

    CORS is utilised by our front and back end ok. However, EXT is unable to generate the iframe used in the upload with the error (in the js console):

    Blocked a frame with origin...
  7. Upload file into different domain/port combination

    Hi there,
    Is there a way to upload a file via extjs to another domain and/or port? We are using CORS but when we use the form Panel for the upload we always get this error since the iframe the form...
  8. [DUP] This is fixed in 4.2.1.

    No longer an issue.
  9. [DUP] We are having this problem as well, and I wanted...

    We are having this problem as well, and I wanted to inquire about any time frames ot have this resolved as we are very much dependant on the ability to do horizontal scrolls in our app which we are...
  10. How can I hide the Root node in Ext.ux.TreePicker?

    I can't seem to get a Ext.ux.TreePicker to hide the root node. I tried overriding the createPicker call but then fail to load the data into the tree drop down...
    Anyone ran into this before?
  11. Yes the example works fine for me...

    Yes the example works fine for me...
  12. Grid does not automatically save and restore state. What am I doing wrong?

    I have an Ext 3.4 grid with stateful:true, a stateId, and each column in the column model has an id.
    Yet when I resize columns I don't see any state cookie saved, and the column widths are not...
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    [INFOREQ] Yes, I was using dynamic loading. With ext-all...

    Yes, I was using dynamic loading. With ext-all the error appears to go away (after I explicitly enabled Ext.Loader), though I was hoping to keep on using dynamic loading.
    Is there an issue with...
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    [INFOREQ] The store is below. Note that its loading a fixed...

    The store is below. Note that its loading a fixed json file. The 'translate' call is to translate some keys fron the json to the right language based on selected locale.
    However, I did manage to...
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    [INFOREQ] Thanks. I'm seeing this error in a few other...

    I'm seeing this error in a few other places, but this is the one that the stack trace passed through one of my components. If I remove the 'callParent' call, the error goes though of course...
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    [INFOREQ] Strange Error when upgrading from 4.07 t 4.1

    I'm getting the following error/stacktrace after upgrading from 4.07 to 4.1 (Chrome).
    The error appears to originate (or pass through) from a component extending Ext.tree.Panel:

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    For the sake of posterity and history, I'm adding the solution I used here.

    I added the following listener to the selection model:

    listeners: {
    selectionchange: function(sm) {
  18. [SOLVED] Used message bus

    I ended up using a message bus approach with an observable at the top level of my application used to channel messages from one component to another when those component don't have an ancestry...
  19. Yes, when I capture it like that from the model...

    Yes, when I capture it like that from the model itself it works but now I need to figure out why is it not being caught by any other component.
  20. Yes but I want to capture the event on another...

    Yes but I want to capture the event on another component. The model/record instance is the one ultimately firing the event. Once fired I want to update another component.
  21. Fired event from Model (via mixin) is not picked up by anything....

    Hi ,
    I have a mixin which adds an event (bubbled) to a Model instance its mixed in to and fires it when a method is called. The firing bit works but no matter where I place my listener for that...
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    You can use the browser's local storage to store...

    You can use the browser's local storage to store data for offline usage. You'll probably have to ensure all of the javascript files have loaded fully including the entire ext framework etc.
  23. How to deal with model association via a 3rd table?

    I'm trying to create models which are associated to other models via a 3rd connecting table.
    The structure is similar to:

    Contact table: id, name
    Company table: id, name
    Address table: id,...
  24. Instead of var UserId = UserId || ''; use:...

    Instead of

    var UserId = UserId || '';


    var UserId = config.UserId || '';

    The argument UserId is part of your input config, not an argument by itself.
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    I might have answered my own question...

    It appears that moving the calls to Ext.create into overriden initComponent calls solved the problems and I assume its to do with the timing of files loaded and the way browsers cache them etc.
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