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    Tells me to use remote for CMD as well...
  2. Hmm...
    "If you created your app with Sencha Command then you should not edit index.html. Instead you should add JS files to the js property of app.json."...
  3. Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2.0

    When you include the goolgemaps api to the app.json the googlemaps Api gets included two times
    Steps to reproduce the problem:

  4. Hey Guys,

    I am currently running some performance test on the and syncing back and forth with different Proxies like

    I run into some bottlenecks which are...
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    I don't get it.
    If you bypass the Store that way you end up with only one Transaction. The one used to call the Direct Function.

    What do you actually want to do here? And what ended up working?...
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    I am not sure if I got the point here...

    what about

    rows : [
    { name : 'test' } // in this case the structure of your ResourceDto
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    Was just about to dive into your problem good to know you solved it by yourself!
  8. Hey Jay,
    I will arrive in SFO on Friday evening. If you guys plan to meet on Saturday I ll definitely join!

    keep me on track!

  9. Hey aagocs,

    for shure you could implement it for Extjs 3.0. I would love to do so but the time I was able to spent so much time in such things has long gone...

    You can read the first entry of...
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    You may forget to set caching for images in your iis settings. this may leads to an seperate request for every usage of a picture...
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    I came up with the same Question... I would like to access the camera since there is no way to get picture on the Iphone than with phone gap it would be necessary to use Phone gap in your contest.
  12. Same issue here! I solved it by deferring the init function for about 400 ms... This issue seems to appear because the onready method is called before phonegap is actually ready....
  13. The Error seems to appear when stopEvent calls stopPropagation.

    With the following override the Problem doesn't appear...

    onFloatingTouchStart : function(e, t) {
    var doc =...
  14. This Bug appears in the kitchen sink example.

    When you click on the button it seems the Modal Panel appears as expected but when you click next to the modal panel to hide it again, it will break...
  15. As a quick and dirty Bugfix I am using this Override:

    Ext.override(, {
    buildRequest: function(operation) {
    operation.params = Ext.applyIf(operation.params || {}, {...
  16. There seem to be a bug in the current Implementation of the Server Proxy.

    Since the current Implementation applys the parameters limit sort sortDir etc to the root node of the Operation Object:
  17. Hey Guys,
    there seems to be no jsb2 File in the download Package!

    Could you provide it?

    regards Martin
  18. The Documentation for the components Scroll config property Reads the following :

    Your Sources showing an implementation 'both' for as well !
  19. IPhone 3G 3.1.3 (7E18)
  20. Hey there,

    while running your examples I found some render Issues I would like to share:

    Take a look on those screens:
  21. Hey Guys,

    while reading through your API especially the 'data' Part I was wondering if you guys did changes in the Store logic in comparison to the Extjs Framework?

    I would love to use...
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    Win Win :)

    I am on the very beginning of writing an Mobile Application. One of it main Features does some heavy usage of Geolocation. Since I just looked through the demos of Senscha Touch (...and...
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    Hey Sencha guy,

    congratulation to the release of the Sencha-Touch Beta!
    The first Touch felt fenomenal!!!!

    While Reading through your sources I stoped at Geolocation. You should definatly...
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    Cant wait to see some Smartphone UI widget shuggar :)
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    Hey Mjollnir26, sorry about the delay...

    Thanks for your reply maybe you could send me your skype user and I will contact you as soon as possible!

    best regards Martin
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