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  1. Thanks for the thought Joel, but that property is only available with ExtJS 5.1.0 and since I am using Architect I'm stuck on 5.0. The docs also say its only for when you don't provide a store, which...
  2. Many thanks Joel, that's got the store working!!!!

    Now I can't get the list to display the names, instead they show the ID. I've set the labelField but it seems to have no effect...

  3. Hi, I'm trying to create a grid list filter in Architect whose items are remote.

    I've added the GridFiltersPlugin to the grid and a List Filter to the column.

    The List Filter has a store...
  4. Well this has inexplicably started working again. I don't know if it was after I rebooted my Mac or after I made some changes to the project and saved it, but at least I'm up and running again.

  5. Hi, I'm getting the above error within the Logs tab of Architect and nothing renders in the Design view any more. I can however still see the code, edit the code and build my project.

    Any idea how...
  6. Hi, we are nearly a year on and we are now on version 3 of Architect and it is a great ADE. So much so I live in it a lot more than previous versions. Hats off to all involved!!!

  7. Hi shako,

    I had the same problem. I tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling but it still didn't work.

    But saving to my Desktop worked. Wondering why it would work saving to one folder...
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    Thanks for clarifying @Keab42. For me at least it is still broken when you add a web app to the iOS7 home screen.
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    I upgraded to Touch 2.3.0 which seems to fix the keyboard issue in iOS7 Safari but it doesn't fix it if you add the page to the Home Screen.

    @Keab42 - When you say 2.3.0 fixed it do you mean in...
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    Yes this isn't an isolated incident, our apps are broken too.

    If you need any additional examples other than the OP's please just ask.
  11. Bump - is this expected behaviour or should I post this as a bug?
  12. Hi Mitchell, thanks for the reply. Much appreciated!

    I deleted the record from the backend database (not the store). I then pulled to refresh expecting the deleted records to be removed from the...
  13. JSONP expects JSON. In simple terms it injects a JavaScript function whose parameter is a JavaScript object. Your "JavaScript Object" is XML markup, hence your error.

    You could deliver JSON...
  14. Hi GilGam3sh,

    Take a look at
  15. Hi, I am using the really cool Pull to Refresh plugin for my List.

    My model has idProperty set to a field that is unique.

    If I add new records to the database they appear, if I modify records...
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    Hi Nos,

    Make sure your model has an idProperty set to a field that contains a unique value for each record (e.g. a database record id).
  17. Thanks Aaron and Phil,

    Glad it helps.
  18. Sencha Designer 2.0.0 build 341 Beta running on Mac OSX Lion.

    Please see this video demonstrating the error...

    Start Designer afresh
  19. Hi hotdp, if you don't mind adjusting your projects when it is officially supported, feel free to use this add-on while waiting. I built this out of necessity when trying to create truly reusable...
  20. Great news! We will use this in the meantime.

    I'm sure you guys have already got this covered, but here are some of the issues I had to resolve...

    1) Dependent references need to be resolved...
  21. Thanks Luke, I'm glad to hear you are working on an official solution. Obviously supporting it natively in the Designer is far better. Does "pretty soon" mean a version 2 thing?
  22. This adds two key features to Sencha Designer:
    Expressions in property values
    Override property values
    Sencha Designer is a powerful and invaluable development environment for Sencha Touch and...
  23. Thanks and yes it would be good if the designer supported these features backed-in. I hope this helps as a stop gap in the meantime.
  24. Hi Luca, sure. What do you need?
  25. Version 2 has been released please use this instead... Intelligent Properties Version 2

    The following is kept for people using version 1.
    Today Sencha Designer will only allow string literals in...
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