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  1. Thanks for your update TGI.

    Any news on the fix status ?
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    Nice, finally :D
  3. Hello everyone !

    I'm facing a problem.

    I want to turn this (in the .ui.xml file, it's a widget) :

    <b:SomeWidget ui:field="someName" />

    Into this :
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    Hello !

    Quick question : How to prevent the user to collapse a grouped grid ?

    I have found how to stop it, but I don't know how to...
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    Hello !

    I have found a "bug" in your Info class : Your method "display" is expecting two Strings, but it's not written anywhere (nothing in the Javadoc) that these strings are supposed to be HTML...
  6. Guess it's not possible... Great...
  7. Does anyone have an idea how to do that ?
  8. Anyone ? Is this even possible ?
  9. Hello !

    I have a Grid which has 4 different times of filters on 4 columns (ListFilter, StringFilter, DateFilter and NumericFilter).

    I would like to, programmatically, load some filter settings...
  10. Hello !

    Quick question : I have this GroupingView object. How do I know if there's currently a grouping-by-column enabled ?

  11. Hello,

    There seem to be a bug while hovering the "Browse" button of a FileUploadField object : The wrong cursor is displayed. It's supposed to be a hand cursor ("cursor: pointer"), but it's a...
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