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  1. This is the MasterStore (called 'Activity'). It uses 'ActivityModel' as a model, and has a config property 'stores' which holds the sub-stores that are being wrapped by the MasterStore. These...
  2. I think you misunderstood one part there, but I will post some code examples tomorrow!
  3. Well the solution I eventually came up with is to have one store, let's call it MasterStore, which is used by the list and uses a meta model class, let's call it MasterModel, and other stores for...
  4. This might have been solved already , but still:

    Ext.Date.format() returns a string, and if you return a string in the grouperFn, the Grouper will sort it by characters ;).
    You have to return the...
  5. Could someone from Sencha please give me an answer on how to best achieve this?
  6. Thanks for your reply.

    I know that the normal list component can only use one store by default, but I need this feature, so I was wondering what would be the best way to accomplish it.

    What do...
  7. What is the easiest/best way to have one list display items coming from multiple stores/models?

    I want to have a list that shows different items with different properties and from different...
  8. thanks for your reply, it works the way you described indeed, i seemed to have had something else wrong.
    however it seems to be that there are some problems with using id's in the componentquery,...
  9. I am struggling with the new navigationview behaviour that was introduced with B3, where the navigation stack and the items property of the navigationview are synced.

    I used to use navigationview...
  10. painted/erased works for me! (using it on a list)

    And I guess its not logged anywhere when using the method I posted before because of perfomance reasons (docs: "Note: This event is not available...
  11. The "show" event of lists are not working for example.

    Take the "list" example that is shipped with
    Add ...
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    It just tried and now it worked with xtypes for me too :)

    Thanks for your rapid answers!

    Everything is clear now!
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    I am having problems with listening to tap events on elements.

    I have a mainview, which has 2 panels as its items and I want to listen to tap events on the elements of these panels.

  14. thank you for your help!

    i am now listening to 'focus','change' and 'blur' events, but they are never fired on disabled Text(Area)Fields.
    Is there no event that gets fired when the user clicks...
  15. I have a form with disabled items (textfields and textareafields) and when I tap on an item it should be enabled (=editable).

    I tried using 'tap' and 'click' in my controller, but they are not...
  16. I must have done something else wrong when i first tried this.
    I tried it again now, using return Ext.Date.parse(dateString, Ext.Date.patterns.ISO8601Longest) where ISO8601Longest : "Y-m-d\\TH:i:...
  17. thanks for your reply linuxyf!
    that does work indeed, but now the list is still not fullscreen, it has tge size i specify, which is not very practicable.

    i now found a way to get it working....
  18. I still haven't managed to get this to work , could anyone look into it again, please?
  19. I changed it to

    fullscreen : true,
    layout :
    type : 'vbox',
    align : 'stretch'
    items :
  20. I am currently struggling with the new MVC Pattern in Sencha Touch 2.

    I looked at the Kiva and Twitter examples and at the sencha con app slides (is the source code available anywhere?) but i...
  21. I am working with a RESTful JSON-Webservice that delivers dates like this 'endDate=2011-11-15T00:00:00+01:00'.
    When I simply set the 'type' to 'date' in the model, the automatic parsing works in...
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