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  1. When the browsing is being resized, a blank row may appear between the header and the grid. Here is a test example:

    name: 'HelloExt',
    launch: function() {
  2. I have a toolbar with displaytext like this:

    var toolbar = Ext.create('Ext.PagingToolbar', {
    enableOverflow: true,
    store: store,
  3. Just some extra information.

    This seems to be the issue with container.removeAll(). The method is not able to remove the components correctly when the grids has both vertical and horizontal scroll...
  4. Hi. This is the issue I am having:

    I have a tree panel on the left and a container on the right. There are two leaves in the left tree. When the user clicks the leave, it will show a different...
  5. Nevermind
    I figured it out. Any other solutions are still welcome

    Ext.each(grid.columns, function(col, index) {
    if (!col.hidden){
  6. As title said, I would like to have an array of visible column. Is there a simple way to do that?

    Grid.columns returns all the columns. So that's not I want, I only want the visible column.

  7. I ran into this issue before. The way I get around it is to use RESTful proxy. The grid itself will then save the updated row when it detects it.

    Ext.define('SomeName', {
  8. Replies
    i figured it out. I need width and height.

    width: 500,
    height: 500,
  9. Replies
    I am still new to ExtJs. So this is probably a very simple question. I was trying to use the itemselector, so i copied some of the codes in the example, but the selector does not appear.

    Here is...
  10. Thank you for your prompt replies. I finally give up to make this work in the front end. After all queryMode: local is for local store. Since I have a remote store, it will be just easier to fix my...
  11. I tried add autoLoad:true in my store, but it doesn't help (I also tried removed the beforeedit listener and added the autoLoad:true). I am still very new to ExtJs. So maybe I am missing some really...
  12. Hi, I have a Grid that allows row editing. One of the column has a combobox. I would like to set this combobox typeAhead. If I am builidng a form, I used to set queryMode to local and preload the...
  13. Ya that too.

    That gave me what I want

  14. Actually I find a config called hideTrigger
    By setting it to true, I can make a combobox looks like a textfield.

    Thanks anyway!
  15. Hi, I am still new to ExtJs. There is a question using combobox and textfield.

    I have some data in the database. They were set by a combobox in the admin page. In some circumstances, I will need...
  16. Sorry about the format of my code. I am still new to ExtJs and this forum. But your solution works! Thank you for you help and suggestion!
  17. I have been looking for solutions for several days. I still do not know the reasons behind, but I manage to come up to a work around. I added a listener to the grid so that it will refresh the grid...
  18. I have an editable grid that allows user to add new record using a toolbar button. Everything work fine until I press the Updated button on the new row. The data is sent to my backend (Grials)...
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