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  1. Is this a design decision? Have other extension mechanisms not using parent (caller, callee) been considered?

    EcmaScript strict mode is a very good help for avoiding common pitfalls. It's also a...
  2. Note that the error message "undefined:0 TypeError: Attempting to change access mechanism for an unconfigurable property." may come from any property that sencha command tries to configure, not just...
  3. I just commented out my Object.defineProperty(window, 'console', { ...} to get the sencha command to run. But it produced an empty app.jsb3 because of how we load our Ext JS apps.

    In our current...
  4. Downloaded Sencha SDK 1.2.2 beta and ran:
    > sencha create jsb -a http://localhost:8080/path/to/my/app/index.html -p app.jsb3

    In the shell I got:
    "undefined:0 TypeError: Attempting to change...
  5. There seems to be a delay between the call to Ext.application() and the declaration of the applications global namespace variable. Maybe this is both natural and intended?

  6. Sorry, you're right. I must have messed up the ext-all-debug.js files between beta 2 and 3. The others (ext-all-debug-w-comments and ext-all) had fadeOut/fadeIn. :">
  7. I'm trying to get a handle to the animated element in the callback function. Consider this simplified example:

    var tempContent = Ext.get('content');
    // Console output:...
  8. I believe Element.fadeIn() and Element.fadeOut() are still missing in Beta 3.
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