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  1. This seems to have been fixed at least in
    The provided sample is working if anyone affected could please provide some feedback it would be very helpful. :)

  2. I am too bumping on this problem.
    While this works as expected on itemclick, itemexpand doesnt play nice.

    Also I am wondering why itemclick and itemexpand provide different arguments on the...
  3. Any news or fixes on this?
  4. I'll bump this just once in case anyone sees it! :)
  5. Haven't used ExtJs since the early 3.0 days and I'm seeing a lot of changes on Stores and Trees so please bear with me on this.

    I need to create a Tree from multiple Models and Stores. All...
  6. Could you please post the diff cause this is kinda time sensitive hehe. :)

    I guess a diff won't happen so two questions:
    1) Is there a timeline on the releases?
    2) Is there a license that gives...
  7. Sencha Touch version tested:



    Trying to load XML using the store produces: "Object [object Element] has no method 'querySelectorAll' "
  8. Dear devs and new ppl. :)

    I have some questions about the future of sencha's new product line.
    After years of working with extjs I can say with certainty that extjs and ext core are one of the...
  9. Has anyone ever tried loading a file that exists OUTSIDE of the AIR app:/ on a ext data store?
    I need to load an xml file that exists in let's say c:/plants.xml (or any other possible physical...
  10. Replies
    Most of the problems I had with other html editors revolve around creating them from existing markup (transform).

    The editor of my choice is TinyMCE But after a lot of trial and error I end up...
  11. Approved! :)
  12. Replies
    This is mostly a question for the extjs core dev team. :)

    I am in need of a bit more advanced features on the htmleditor that currently supported.
    Intergration of other wysiwyg html editor...
  13. Dan I will need to extend the htmleditor to hell and beyond for a project I'm working on so the ux-s you've wrote will be of great value :)

    I'm currently changing the upload button you've included...
  14. I'm trying to figure out how to make this play nice with by transforming an html select box with multiple selections.
    The transformation played nice but only the first value gets selected.

  15. There seem to be some changes in the way the buttons are created in Ext 3 (and probably 2.1+??).

    The new buttons have a new markup and the fileuploadbutton.js dies.

    This is the new markup...
  16. I am starting to get pretty tired looking over and over this thing so I'll give a shot asking something I think is very stupid...

    I store all my js/css/img files on a resources domain. (say...
  17. Has anyone tried to transform an existing multiple selection selectbox to an Andrie.Select?
    The transformation and posting seems fine but only lists the first selected value and not all the selected...
  18. Jack is there any way that there could be a License FAQ section from the emails that users will send to the licensing email?

    There is gonna be real chaos the next weeks around forking and...
  19. omg thank you thank you thank you! ^_^

    I've been meaning to do something like this for ever! :D
  20. you'd have to combine it together with another UX like saki's filetree.
  21. Mod to allow forcefit to play nice when reloading meta data:

    Add this anywhere in the ux.

    onStoreLoad : function() {
    var view = this.getView()
    if((true ===...
  22. May I ask how you solved this?
    I'm trying to re-load the store from another URL, the store gets refreshed but the interface doesn't reflect the changes.
    I tried view.refresh with no luck.

  23. OMG Saki you ROCK my world!!! ^_^
  24. Has anyone come up with a way to get if the row is "above" or "below" the newIndex?

    I have a problem when you drop something on the end/start of the grid :P
  25. Just in case anyone has problems with their window height with this plugin...
    The plugin uses a % of the body element, so if you don't really have any html it won't work...
    Use something like:

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