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    Hi Phil,
    do you have a planned date for this feature?
  2. Hi Mitchell,
    I know this bundle, but it contains only snippets, not code completion features.
  3. Hi,
    I've tried to work with Sencha Architect and Sencha SDK using TextMate as editor. How I can obtain a decent code completion in TextMate (and also in Sencha Architect)? I've tried with Haxe, but...
  4. Thank you Sunny!
  5. Hi,

    how I can create a Sencha Touch 2 application with multi language support using Sencha Touch Architect? I want create a native iOS application with automatic setting correct language based on...
  6. Thank you Mitchell! Now the right direction for my project is clear: Architect 2 and beyond!
  7. Hi,

    I've activated Sencha Architect 2, but I'm confused: for a new application for Sencha Touch 2 is better to use the Sencha Touch SDK 2 or Sencha Architect 2? From the SDK I've some command to...
  8. Hi,
    I've also the same problem!
  9. Ok: I try in this way!
    Thank you.
  10. If I create my project in Designer, how I can use the sdk commands? The Designer project can't have the necessary files (packager.json, app.json, act): I're missing something?
  11. When I create a new Sencha Touch 2 with sencha create app myApp myPath, I have myApp structure in myPath. How I can import this app into Sencha Designer 2 to add model, store, views, etc.?
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