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  1. I'm tyring to localize my ST2/phonegap app. So I wrote a small plugin that works in an Android environment. The only problem is that it seems like all phonegap plugins are asynchronous and using a...
  2. I don't seem to be able to dock a toolbar to the top and bottom of a panel. The bottom toolbar does not show up. Are there any specific requirements for this configuration?

    I'm using a Container...
  3. I found the awnser, it should be:


    instead of:

  4. I'm trying to show a view with details of a model when the user clicks on an item in a list.

    I read that using "fullscreen:true" will register your view in the viewport, so I declare 2 views in...
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    Apologies for necroing a thread a month old but would it be possible to clarify your post Mitchell? I have a file named Viewport.js in the app/view directory, but I keep getting a blank screen. I...
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