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  1. I figured out my problem. I was including the ext.js file instead of ext-all.js. Once I changed the include that solved my problem.
  2. Hi,

    I've tried to replicate within the Fiddle app, (which is a nice feature by the way) but I haven't been able to replicate my issue. It's really odd within the same controller there are spots...
  3. Hi,

    I've got an app where in multiple spots in the app I'm displaying a MessageBox. There are some sections of the app where I'm getting the error "Unable to get property 'OK' of undefined or...
  4. Correction, I meant synchronous.
  5. Hi,

    Within a grid I want to display a messagebox warning when rows are selected and a page up or down is requested. If the user requests to stay on the page it shouldn't reload with the new page....
  6. I've got an app with a viewport with a west region that, based on certain tabs I want to prevent from displaying. I was able to do this with a listener on the beforeexpand event.

    When the...
  7. Hi,

    I've got an app where the western region of the viewport contains search criteria. This search criteria is only utilized on certain tabs of the application.

    For the tabs where it's not...
  8. Hi Mitchell,

    That solved the message part of the toolbar. Is there a way to also clear the page information also.

    Example : Page 1 of 3 still appears after the updateInfo method.

  9. Hi,

    I have a window with a grid using pagination bar. I have a clear button which executes the removeAll() method on the store to clear the data.

    Problem is the pagination toolbar still...
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    Looks like I was over complicating things. All I had to do was add sortOnLoad : false in the store definition.

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    Hi Mitchell,

    This is probably a stupid question but not sure how to clear the sorting on the store.

    Within the store definition I don't specify any sort fields, the sql order by is controller...
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    I've got an app where I'm loading data into a grid in a certain sort sequence based on different search fields the user can specify. This is done using the Order By on the sql when retrieving the...
  13. I'm working on an app that will launch a Vendor Lookup window from multiple spots in the application.

    It's called from the main form & also called from within an Item search to allow the item...
  14. I'm working on an app that will launch a Vendor Lookup window from multiple spots in the application.

    It's called from the main form & also called from within an Item search to allow the item...
  15. gotcha, thanks for the input.
  16. For this app that would work. My concern would be for a larger app if they're multiple popups would this cause a memory issue?
  17. Hi,

    I have an app that's displaying a popup search window. Once a selection is made from the popup it's closing & returning to original screen.

    I'm thinking I must be doing something wrong...
  18. I've got an app I'm working on and I noticed that each time I hit the browser refresh button it shows that IE or firefox , etc is taking up more memory (on Task manager)

    Is this normal? The app...
  19. I'm having trouble trying to setup exception logic for a Datastore. I've seen quite a few examples but can't get it to work. Using the code below what do I need to get exception handling to work. ...
  20. I've been trying to get exception handling working in EXTJS4 but so far I've been unsuccessful.

    Previous version I had working with an loadexception Listener. I did quite a bit of searching, saw...
  21. perfect, thanks for the quick response.
  22. Hi,

    I've got a process that's dynamically adding tabs to a TabPanel & was hoping there was a property that I could retrieve the total # of Tabs within a TabPanel.

    I looked in the Docs & the...
  23. Hi I'm getting the error 'events' is null or not an object only in IE. don't get the issue in firefox.

    Saw previous post's that it's probably related to an extra comma somewhere. Cant find the...
  24. Hi,

    I'm having a problem when loading a form with a bunch of fields into a new tab. It's not loading all fields.

    When a cell in a grid is clicked it's loading the details for that row into a...
  25. Ah, my bad
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