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  1. Helo
    How can i change the Orientation of screnn in sencha touch 1 when i moove it?thank youuu
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    Helo everyone.
    i would like to ask if it's possible to use CSS3 animation on sencha touch. Because i try this:
    -webkit-transform:translateX(0px) rotate(360deg); and it's work but when i want to...
  3. SALAM
    i want to add a search button on my view to searching an item of my list
    here is my view

    App.views.BankingdoneeCompte = Ext.extend(Ext.List, {

    store: 'infocomptes',
    itemTpl: '<div...
  4. SALAM kulothungan
    my problem was the policy of my web browser (google chrome)
    firstly i hosted my app in WAMP server, and i acceed to it with google chrome browser.
    my web service made with...
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    SALAM bkcharan.
    add this file to your solution


    Ext.form.ux.touch.MultiSelect = Ext.extend(Ext.form.Select, {
    columns: 2,
    itemWidth: 200,
  6. SALAM Mitchell.
    I fixed the problem. i forget that the Android Emulator has his own adress.
    so in the request instead of writing "http://localhost" i should be writing ""
  7. SALAM
    please, im doing a mobile app with sencha touch 1, and i want to consume web service.
    i used Ext.ajax.request, every thing works right when i execute my app in web server (wamp).
    but now...
  8. SALAM izak
    sorry but it do the same thing :( :( :(
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    SALAM everybody
    I want to use a global variable to add them in the URL of my store.
    here is what i did:
    in my app.js i put:

    name: 'App',
  10. SALAM
    thank you izak for youre response but when i removed the App, my view failed to start. and about the listener, how can i implement it ?
  11. SALAM all.
    i found a loution by adding a variable in app.js file like this

    name: 'App',
    defaultUrl: 'Home/index',
    launch: function() {
    this.viewport = new...
  12. SALAM
    I want to save a value from a web service response to use it in another view of my app.
    i did this:

    url: 'http://localhost:10000/Service/test/'+urtemp,
  13. SALAM
    try to change
    type: 'scripttag', to type: 'ajax',it should work
  14. how can i update it ?
    my response is a json file

  15. SALAM.
    thank you for your response. i fixed it but adding in the shortcut of google chrome : --disable-web-security
    and adding to IIS : "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" "*" and now it's work correctly...
  16. SALAM all.
    when i'm tring to execute Ext.Ajax.request({ function, ann error appear. i'm using google chrom to test my app. here is my code:

    var urtemp =...
  17. salam all.
    i'm doing a mobile app using sencha touch 1. And i want to consume a web service with it. When i test my app in chrom browser, it's work correctly and the consommation of web service it's...
  18. the server return the correct form when i try the service in the browser.
    but in sencha it always return an alert message with "error" without status like i mentioned.
  19. salam.
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase the Ext.ajax.request doesn't work for me or it can't linked to my web service. i don't know why and i don't know how correct it.

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    when i changed the Ext.util.JSONP.request function to

    url: 'http://localhost:8732/log/log/admin/pass/admin',
    success : function(response, opts) {
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    nothing has occured when i press the button.
  22. SALAM all.
    pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase how can i consume w WCF restful web service with sencha touch 1 for my mobile cross app.
    i tried so much code but without success.
    my link to my...
  23. netresource salam.
    i tryed this code but without success.
    my url to my web service is "http://localhost:8732/log/log/admin/pass/admin" i made it with restful WCF . and its returning tha name of...
  24. SALAM all.
    please im trying to consume a WCF restful web service from sencha touch 1 from a while but without success.
    the link to my web service is :...
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    SALAM all.
    i'm trying to consume restful web service made with .NET WCF here is a link to my web service
    i'm using sencha touch to made a mobil...
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