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  1. I'm having the same problem.
  2. Thank you for the suggestions.

    I did take a look at .sencha folder and as this is checked in GIT the files are exactly the same.

    I will verify with him for the file. I would...
  3. Sencha Cmd

    Java v1.6.0_24 or v1.6.0_21

    Command runned:
    $ sencha app build testing

    For all our dev team, the app compiles perfectly. But only for one of us, it gives errors as...
  4. Ok I got passed this by adding this requires in app.js

    requires: {

    Didnt have this requires in 2.1
  5. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2.0 b1

    Browser versions tested against:


    DOCTYPE tested against:
  6. Until I can figure out what's wrong with production build, I will always build in testing mode and compact the js files after. We won't be able to take advantage of manifest but at least it will...
  7. I'm using for linux 64bit
  8. Hi,

    When I build for testing, it works correctly.

    When I build for production, the microloader is loading and evaluating everything correctly. There is no JS error in console. The loading...
  9. Seen on Android 4.0 and 4.1
  10. I have a form panel with about 10 toggles on it. Once it is painted, i'm injecting values in it with form.setValues();

    It is working nicely everywhere but on Android (native browser or chrome),...
  11. Replies
    That would be nice to support the order: 'before' tag for the hide/show events. Making them cancellable at the same time.
  12. I would like to add a tap event on a panel element that will be executed before any inner element tap events.

    Normally you add a parameter to the addEventListener javascript function, telling...
  13. Please let us know when you fix this. The problem with the simple Dataview is that both PullRefresh and LoadMore plugins wont work on it.
  14. I am trying to fire events from a controller to be catched by another one.

    But it doesnt seems to work even if all references are done right.

    Is it actually supposed to work?
  15. So for those of you stuck in sencha 1.1. The problem is that when you click on a file input in ios6, 2 'touchstart' events are being triggered. (dunno why)

    Ugly hack details:

    In Sencha, find...
  16. Anyone found a solution for this one? We'll probably have to dig ourselves in the sencha 1.1 code.

    This is doing the same here. You click on the file input and after selecting a pic (or...
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