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  1. Ext.define('MyApp.view.main.MainController', {
    extend: '',

    init: function() {
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    Current documentation for Application claims that there is a global "MyApp" and for it a getApplication() method.

    There are no such things.

    Ext.define('MyApp.Application', {
  3. No. There is no such global variable available. Add this class to the requires of any other class and try to use it in a method as a global variable like this ... you get an error saying it is...
  4. Would it have been so hard for the GXT documentation folks to describe the API with at least:

    public void setDisplay(int timeInMillis)


    Adding no further explanation...
  5. Here is the behavior I have seen when dealing with Integers:

    1. When you enter an Integer, X, into the < filter field, it checks greaterThan(cellNumber, X) and filters out the rows whose...
  6. Unlike with the toolbar menu item config, the button config icon path setting requires it to be URL-encoded.

    I can't seem to get my icon to show for this toolbar button.

  7. This does not work in GXT 2.1, I've tried it verbatim. Was a fix added recently?
  8. After playing around with this code some more, I realized that the problem is more general than just working with the grid component itself.

    The outermost component which must be given a height in...
  9. Thanks, Spring, but I need to do the it without the Viewport (on browser resize). This is Ext JS integrated within a pre-existing and complex layout. In fact the component is being displayed inside...
  10. Hey folks,

    I just have a general question about how grid height is supposed to work with the window resizing event features.

    I have a grid that I want to fill up the height of its container...
  11. mjlecompte,

    Thanks for the advice, but that would be an appropriate next step once it has been established that this is indeed a bug. According to the sticky post here,...
  12. Hi,

    This may have been fixed after version 2.1, but since I am limited to using that version at the moment, I'd like to know if this is really a bug or if there's something I'm doing wrong.

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