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  1. i create a grid and with a checkboxModel as selType.
    With this property the grid is well show but when i click in the blank space of the headerCheckBox the selectAll event is not prevented.

  2. Hi all,
    i can't visit because is forbidden:

    Can anyone please say me where i can find now this extension for Extjs 4?

    Thank you
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    Anybody found any workaround for this bug?
    I have the same error described by @ybwantao.
    And it is classified as ...
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    any news for this Bug?
    i don't know if is usefull but i try all combination of EXTJS property for window like constraint:true/renderTo etc. but nothing change, the problem persist.
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    Ext version tested:

    Extjs 4.2.0
    Extjs 4.2.1
    Extjs 4.2.2
    Extjs 4.2.3

    Browser versions tested against:
  6. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.2 - bug is present
    Ext 4.2.1 - bug is NOT present

    Browser versions tested:
    Chrome 30 - fails
    FF25 (firebug 1.12.4 installed) - fails
    IE9 - fails

  7. I have the same problem with Extjs4.2.2 an i resolve with this workaround thanks for posting.
  8. Yes, i try all the workaround i found in this forum thread and in other but nothing change, the problem persist to remain, i'll try now to use the old autolayout but it is soo different and probably...
  9. thanks another time for responding me today..after a few time of debugging i notice that i committed an error:
    the tooltip on my grid not resizing well only in my complex layout (i use iframe but i...
  10. Hi all,
    (sorry for my english)
    i use ext 4.2.1, and i also try to use the last nigtly released but this is one of my tooltip:
    Like you can see Description occupy two line, because the...
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    Thanks firefoxSafari,
    in the second post i found a workaround that works well also in the previus version of IE.
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    Sorry for my mistake. I have this problem but not in the same environment of LesJ.

    I want to know if i'm the only person that reproduce this error in win7 with IE9/IE10, and if i'm not the only...
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    hi all,
    there is any news about an official solution to this problem. i try all the solution expose in this thread but if can't resolve this problem for IE9, and for IE10 i eliminate the problem...
  14. I don't know if is helpfull for anyone but i rewrite the Ext.ux.ItemSelector for eliminate the second problem and for give more power to the rigth multiselect like submit value. This is my new...
  15. Hi all,
    (sorry for my English)
    I need to porting an old app write with extj2 in the ultimate version of the sencha framework. In a dialog (implemented by a Ext.window.Window) i have a
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    Hi all,

    I use extjs 4.1 along struts2 for the MVC pattern, and iBatis2 for the but when i click on my combobox the query is not performed.

    this is the code i use for define my combobox:

  17. Hi Scott,
    I probably resolve the problem but i don't now why.
    With extjs2 i don't use any Docktype statement at the top of the page, and is go alway fine. In extjs4.1 i need to put in the page:

  18. Hi Scott,
    I use FF 14.0.1 and the last release of Google Chrome. I use this two browser only for testing application, but my application need to run in IE8. I replay the example and i see perhaps...
  19. Hi Scott,
    no i dont see this problem with your example. I see the problem only in my application.

    What can i change in this creation methods, and why there is no problem in chrome and firefox?...
  20. Hi all,

    i have to do a porting of an application from extjs2.3 to extjs4.1.
    I tested all the application with firefox and firebug and is all always fine, but not in IE8: the tree is rendering...
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