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  1. Unfortunately tdack, I have no idea. But if you figure out something, please let me know how. It seems quite unfortunate that you can't just setStore for a child component, like you can setHtml.
  2. Thanks for your help bluehipy, but what I ended up doing was make my DataItems an extended data list and create the store directly on that class. So:

    Ext.define('NC.view.PlatterDataItem', {
  3. Thanks for the reply bluehipy, but I don't think the identifier property is my problem. That's just for generation of ids. From the docs:
    The identifier strategy used when creating new instances of...
  4. Hi all. I tried posting this on Stack Overflow as it is my go-to answer source, but not getting any love there, so I thought I'd try here.

    I hardly even know how to ask this one, but here goes....
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