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  1. That was the key diasalher. Thank you.
  2. I did try it with the toolbar and it still has some problems. I even went to the Sencha Touch 2 docs and tried the spacer with the live code editor on the ToolBar page. It still didn't work. I know...
  3. The spacer seems to not work to align the button to the right in my navigation bar.

    // Welcome View
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
  4. I think I found my own solution. If I use a form panel and set fullscreen to true it will display the form and the docked navigation bar.
  5. I just changed that and the form still is not shown.
  6. I'm sorry. I'm having a problem adding a form panel as an item in a panel.
  7. The form is not appearing as an item in the panel. I'm not sure what's wrong.

    This is using Sencha Touch 2.

    // Welcome View
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