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  1. Steps to reproduce:
    1) click the action column on the first row, the alert popup shows the rowIndex is 0
    2) click add to add an row
    3) click the second row, the alert popup shows the rowIndex is...
  2. FYI, i just tried, this bug is still there.
  3. To reproduce (all major browsers) :

    1. click the add button to add a row in the grid.
    2. select any existing row in the grid, the first row (newly added) will always be highlighted as well.
  4. Is there any workaround to this issue?
  5. Does buffered scrolling support local sorting now? We enabled buffered grid with local sort, everytime we scroll down the grid is automatically sorted by the first column of the grid, even if we sort...
  6. @Jan,

    Yes, in the end we chose to package direct children into subfolders.

    But i think something need to be done to the performance of ExtJs 4 tree in IE8, the script limit is triggered when...
  7. Replies
    looks like it still load all the child nodes and append them at one shot? I changed the generateTaskData() in tree.js to 50000 nodes and the browser(FF) gave up. Is it suppose to load/render page by...
  8. but what if you have 5000 child nodes under one node? The performance is really bad, especially in IE8. Do we have a "buffered tree" similar to "buffered grid"?
  9. bump this, when the 'buffered tree grid' ux will be available?
  10. We have a grid that allow user to create new record as wells as update existing records, and we have a "save" button which will issue the store.sync. When the user's dirty data contains both new...
  11. bump this, i can't get it work on extjs 4.1 either.
  12. Thanks Evan. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Now everything works like a breeze.

    And I agree with Animal, It is better to add a "bulkremove" method in the store api.
  13. We have a data store for a grid which initially has about 600 records loaded in one page. We have a functionality to allow the user to select certain rows and then delete them, we use the following...
  14. Same issue here

    @Sencha, Is this fixed in extjs 4.1?
  15. Thanks, Looks like they are replacing with store.sync(), i tried it in my code and it worked as well. Now the question is how to setup the callback option for store.sync(). I searched...
  16. Is there any way to specify callback option for method?
    I tried the following but it doesn't work.{
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