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  1. My approach was to create a custom class which is doing the same, setting the opacity. But your solution is much better.

    Thank you Sriam.
  2. I am working with ExtJS and I have a textfield component. I would like to disable only the inputEl of a textfield component (not the label).
    If I use the setDisabled() method of the textfield, then...
  3. But, do you know why it is not call the function 'onSpecialKey' when you tab out from a Grid?
    I have been debugging on the others browsers, Firefox , Chrome and the onSpecialKey function is fired...
  4. Yes, you are right. It works the function cretaeInterceptor correctly. I have retested, and the code works.
    I need to investigate more other causes to find out then why the Interceptor I have...
  5. Hi:

    I have a code that has been working in Opera until the latest updated (Lates Opeare version 12.11).

    The code was creating an interceptor for the EditorTab on a grid. Once created this...
  6. Yes, it works. Thank you very much
  7. I have the following code:

    var win = new Ext.Window({
    autoScroll: true,
    closable: false,
    border: false,
    shadow: true,
    draggable: false
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