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    For some reason, I like to use browser's native scrollbar instead of sencha's.

    I already set overflow to auto to body, but still don't see scrollbar until I set a height to "ext-viewport" manually...
  2. Hi where can I find the list of version supported?
  3. Visit in browser is good, so it's related to phonegap container
  4. Test.application({
    name: 'Test',
    launch: function(){
    Ext.create('Ext.Panel', {fullscreen: true, html: 'hello', style: 'background-color:#fff'})

    Tested in Galaxy Tab 10.1 ...
  5. Hi, I got below issue for scroll,

    In my phone profile, it has both list and carousel. to display more widgets, I enabled the scroller in page level, then I find scroll in list will impact page....
  6. I have multiple stores with Script tag proxies in a page,

    When I load second store before the first store return a response.
    I found that the second one could not read data after the first store...
  7. Hi!

    I'm trying to put the ItemSelector on a form, When I pre-populate the fromSelector, it works fine.

    var fromStore = new{
    proxy: new{...
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