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  1. Thanks for your reply but thats not an option now (big enterprise and stuff)In addition I need a summary of the obseleted and changes that must be done to make my 4.2.2 curret app work under 6
  2. Hi all,
    We have a huge enterprise app with EXTJS 4.2.2 and we now moving to 6.0.1
    Can you supply a link or guidance on the changes we must to in order for this to work
    for example I found out that...
  3. Hi skirtle ,Thanks for your feedback, Since my code is already in production and I do not want to make lots of changes I still have couple of questions.1. Did you mean to use pomponent xtype instead...
  4. Thankd for the replyBut still,
    From I just read, and I already know this, Component is an abstraction of dom element (wrapper) with el prop and more,

    The elements is the dom element that is...
  5. Hi all
    I have a view that creates many div elements dynmiclly
    using appendChild method and Ext.DomHelper.createDom. The entire dom is pretty big. Like 200 divs and sometimes more.
    All of them are...
  6. I asked how to disabled the checkboxes and not how to select or delect them

  7. Hi,
    I have a treepanel with checkboxes that can be selected
    How do I disable each one of them?
    I cant reach the dom using the API
  8. I meant that working localy and debugging with dynamic loading and before the sencha cmd creates a minified versions or a concat version

    Can this be done?
  9. Hi, I am working with extjs for several years and wanted to know if the following can be applied.
    Instead of working with the view controller model store folder structure
    Is there a way to have...
  10. Hi all,
    We have a huge web app on an enterprise solution level with hundrend of thousand of line of code.
    Our app is now being testes on various browsers and seems fine on most of them
    But on IE...
  11. Meant the APK
    Never mind find the answer
  12. Hi all,
    Where is the image defined for the desktop after installing the ASK- is this in the pakager.json file?
    Can we control the frame color?
  13. The problem was the / at the end of the resources list if it has sub folders.
    Very foolish behavior.
  14. Hi all,
    What is the configuration that is responsible for the icon being displayed in the top right of the web viewer on the android?
    Same question for the icon on the table desktop?
  15. Hi, Thanks for the response.

    1. I still haven't done with the app to work fully on the tablet. since I am still not getting answers of the questions.
    2. I have read the following:

    How to...
  16. I am seeing it when using the browser. both from my PC to my local IIS server and from my tablet using chrome.

    The images are found in the resources/images folder that I am checking in the APK...
  17. Hi all,
    I have packaged my sencha touch 2.3.0 app to native android and installed it.
    The package looks great.
    All my assest are there. The css and the images.

    My index.html is injecting some...
  18. The things are there.
    The CSS is working and just the parts with the images for background-image is mot working.
    I am using both the index.html to inject the css files and the app.json.
    I have...
  19. Hi all,
    First of all I would like to thank to those who tried to help with the sencha touch question I had.
    This post is a feedback to you guys at Sencha and its coming from a good place and not...
  20. I have tried every thing you told me and it does work on the browser.
    Change url's to ./resources/data and images and still not working.

    How can I debug it or use any fiddler like sniffer?
  21. Hi friend. Still not working
    My app.json now looks like this:
    "resources": [
  22. And no - the data folder trieck did not work
  23. What about css that has classes with refrences to images.
    I cant see any images on my app.

    For example:

    [ code ]

    background-image: url('../images/logo.png');
  24. Thanks. Are you saying the json file should be pre loaded in the app.json file somehow?
    And by the way- can I use the index.html to inject my CSS and JS as well? the ld fation way of link and scrip...
  25. Yes I have a sencha native app on android and I want it to use a local json data on the data dir like a mockup instead of of making a real call.

    Here is my store:
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