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  1. Hi

    I cant seem to figure out what the problem is.

    I have an panel that uses contentEl to append a html form but checkbox, radiobuttons etc wont show. The only thing visible is a input with a...
  2. Read will work, but it should fire on Load.

    TreeStore needs adhere to how Store works (there are other issues with the api besides this)
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    Bump. Should I assume that I have reached a limitation in the system?
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    I have the same problem
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    I have a form with multiple checkboxes were I need to ensure that at least one is selected when the form is submitted.

    I know that i need a model to validate a field (which is a bit anoying)...
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    I believe that on line 44 in index.js you see something called 'tpl', change it to 'itemTpl' that will make it run.

    However, it seems like the search field wont show.. not sure why :/
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    Thank you all :)
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    What example? :)
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    Is it posible to have toolbar where you can have 2-3 button (or more) and choose if one of them should be placed on the left and the others on the right ?

    kind of like you can with Jquery...
  10. Thanks ill have a look at it... im assuming that you got it working despite your last comment in that thread?
  11. So I should just assume that Sencha doesn't support this in anyway?
  12. Hi

    I have been trying to figure out sencha mvc from the very few examples that are available :P

    It seems that if you want to build something relativly simple it will work, but it doesnt seem...
  13. Not sure what the right way is since I haven't seen it work properly yet

    But Condor said something about a bug... so!
  14. Thanks :)

    Now I just need to figure out the other part
  15. Has this been fixed?
  16. Nope, but that could probably be an option :)
  17. have you look at this example?
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    check out the Light column, maybe you can find some help there ;)
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    I guess it depends on how you make the ajax request.

    But you could probably make the call in the following method

    initComponent: function () {}
  20. Well, it really depends or what you are trying to do, but a very simple way would be something like this

    or something like that :)
  21. Hi

    Im playing around with a gridpanel were im trying to add the multiselect extension to a field

    But I cant figure out how to put it...
  22. it is clientId

    however, is it possible to force the Writer to submit the data in Items as a Array?

    because is i only change one row, the data will be send as a single object.. something like...
  23. I would think so?

    this is from the load
  24. hmm... I think i have tried what you said, I return every row that I submit.. but I get an exception.. im not sure why it thinks it is invalid data since the data i return on the Write action is...
  25. Im using a JsonWriter with a HTTPProxy

    im currently returning the following json string (if everything goes alright)


    btw. I have the same problem with editing... and im also...
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