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  1. Hello,

    in my application i want to reload children nodes from the server every time i click on a tree node.

    Currently, existing nodes came from ext cache and not directly from the server.

  2. I found a solution

    Ext.extend(Application.List, Ext.grid.GridPanel, {
    refresh : function(key) {
    var ds = this.getStore();
    ds.proxy = new{
  3. Hello,

    sorry, but it doesn't work.

    Application.List = function(store,cm) {, {
    region: 'center',
  4. Hello,

    i've got a problem to update a grid with new data.
    I want to update the grid by clicking an tree node. I want to load a new data-url, data/data.php?id=key and the key appears correctly in...
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