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  1. Hi

    I set the active-item of a container to a DataView. All of these are Sencha view-objects which I cache for convenience.
  2. Is there already a fix for this problem?

    I'm facing the same issues I can't get the production build to work. After a few browser refreshes it works but none of my images/text show.

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2.1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Android Stock Browser (4+)
    Chrome browser (Android 4+)
  4. Oh ok, I think this is the standard setup you get however when creating a new Sencha app.

    Anyway the css size now went from (224 + 32 K) to (164K), great!
  5. I think you can use 'Ext.get(element' for this.!/api/Ext-method-get

    If this is not adequate maybe explain the full problem for a better solution.
  6. Hey

    With 2.2 the base.css is split up from the app.css, but when I make a build with Sencha CMD it doesn't concatenate these 2 files into one.

    Wouldn't this be better, it's a bigger download...
  7. Yes I understand that, though I hope that render-time will be a bit more improved.
  8. Hi,

    There's a big difference in rendering-time, it seems the DataView is almost 50% faster.

    My test-case:
    + NavigationView

    In test-case 1 both sub-views are...
  9. I'm currently also looking for a workaround for issues like this, a way to increase the button sensitivity.

    This is a major performance issue, because it gives the impression that the app is...
  10. Hi

    Since these still account for 45% of the Android devices (dashboard) I decided to look for a better preventZooming fix.

    I've managed to get success on pages without any sort of JS Framework,...
  11. From the docs:!/api/Ext.Msg


    onReady: function() {
    if ( && Ext.os.version.gtEq('2') &&'3')) {
  12. Oh great. :)
    It seemed that your last post with the REST plugin gave back a good result too, actually.
  13. You need to give more info then, I'm thinking it's just a bad parameter value.

    - Is there a way to compare the request of CURL with the one from the browser (using a proxy tool like Charles).
  14. Ok, you get a 400 Bad Request from the server.
    In our case, I think this means one of the parameters is:
    - missing
    - incorrect value
    - incorrect format

    You need to check this further. (you...
  15. What happens? Do you get a response from the server?

    Perhaps you can post a screenshot of the request being sent (in Chrome - Dev tools - Network) with its parameters.
  16. Seems like the curl command is sending out a string for the "where"-parameter, but in Sencha you're trying to send a JS-object. I think the back-end expects a string too.

    And then something like...
  17. My first idea is packager.json if you've used the Sencha native packaging tools, maybe it puts some filtering into the AndroidManifest.xml file?

    Maybe a quick fix would be to package with PhoneGap...
  18. Comment out all the heavy processing CSS tags in your app.scss and bluebutton.css, that means
    the border-radius, box-shadows, and the background-images and everything else I've listed previously....
  19. In addition to the CSS lookouts I posted earlier, try also to be careful with unnecessary "background-size", background images/gradients alltogether, "opacity", "rgba(..)".

    I had a slow app on...
  20. I haven't read your code, but what I would try
    - check the Galaxy's performance on the basic sencha app (sencha generate app TestApp path/to/TestApp)

    if that's ok:
    - check if youre not using too...
  21. Are you sure, because List extends DataView.

    in 2.1, I find this for a List rather difficult, and so far I haven't managed to fully customize as I've done with a DataView. Even looking at the...
  22. Replies
    Gray background problems with me often meant that in the view I had to set a layout somewhere to 'fit', or hide another (empty) view that was above the one I'm trying to show
  23. Replies
    Oops I misread, the right event is probably 'updatedata' then.
    Check other events description if uncertain:!/api/Ext.field.Select
  24. Replies
    You need event 'change', and also need to wrap this in the 'listeners' config object, like so:

    items: [ {
    xtype: 'selectfield',
  25. For custom CSS I use the DataView which is much easier to configure.


    xtype: 'dataview',
    baseCls: 'projectList'
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