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  1. Hi,

    I have an application that has some heavy CPU and GPU usage.

    I have a carousel inside a navigation view that I detect for singletap in the its element object to push a new container to the...
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    The images are jpg.
    For thumbnails the image size 160x120.
    For fullscreen the image size is 640x480.
    My DOM size stays between 250-300 elements.

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    I am using a navigation view to show different containers but I am struggling to have a good page transition.
    Right now, between the push until animation has ended, it's taking 1.4 seconds....
  4. Hi,

    I can remove all inner items from a navigation view, however the Back button is still showing.

    Can we remove all from navigation view and reset the inner counter so the back button is not...
  5. Actually will always return iPhone in simulator. Is there anything that can be done to make calls to return the same value for both Simulator and Device ?

  6. The performance issue is showing in my iPad 3 with iOS 6.0.

    I think this should not happen with this kind of hardware.

  7. Just a doubt. Is the animation for both the carousel transition and the loading mask done using CSS or javascript ?

  8. Hi, thanks for the reply.

    That's what I am doing right now. I wanted to know if I could add the LoadMask at the end of the swipe event and animation would continue to happen in the background.
  9. Hi,

    I want to add a LoadMask to the Viewport after the swipe event of the carousel. To do this, I am attaching to the dragend event of the carousel element and adding the LoadMask to the Viewport....
  10. The solution pointed above can work with any container using card layout (which is the case of NavigationView). If you change the navigationView object to use your container it should work as well.
  11. Try this:

    type: 'slide',
    duration: 200
    var animation = navigationview.getAnimation();
  12. Hi, I've found this very old post and I have a question.

    Using a smaller bufferSize will only affect performance or could it make the carousel not responsive ?

  13. For any Panel that uses card layout the following code works pretty well.

    type: 'slide',
    duration: 200
  14. The carousel items are added using the following controller method:

    addItemToCarousel: function(component, index, viewId) {
    console.log('AddItemToCarousel - ' + index);

  15. Hi,

    I have the following code in my carousel initialize event:

    /* Remove default drag events from carousel */
    dragstart: 'onDragStart',
  16. Is it possible to add as a prompt to the Ext.MessageBox class a toggle field instead of a Text/TextArea field ?

  17. I am running my application in the XCode iOS simulator and I need to detect if the device is an iPhone or iPad. I was using function, but it always return false even if the simulator...
  18. More or less. I would like to use the theming functionality of sencha touch.

  19. {
    xtype: 'button',
    id: 'loginButton',
    cls: 'user-button',
    ui: 'black',
    text: 'Login'

    In the scss file I've included the custom ui.
  20. Thanks for your reply.

    But it's not working. I am using a dark color (almost black) and it does not show the animation. Should I add something to the pressedCls class ?
  21. Yes. Exactly that.

  22. What if I use a different UI I've created ? Does it still works ?

  23. Yes. To show that the button was pressed. For iOS it corresponds to the highlighted state.

    I've had added a new UI using Sencha theming, to have a custom button color.

  24. Does sencha touch support the highlight animation when a button is touched down (same behaviour as native code) or do we have to manually add this feature ?

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    Just check the link in the previous post. It explains on how to do it.

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