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    Can someone explain how this container works? The examples render properly all right, but it's as if the code running in the back wasn't what's advertised in the examples' source.

    I'm trying to...
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    Unfortunately don't have much more atm. I'm using a SplitLayoutPanel for this and this is the only widget I could see causing problems aside from the VBoxLayoutContainer I'm using on top (I got ride...
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    That gives me tabs that render blank content when I have a couple of widgets in there.

    I'm on FF 3.6.26

    Edit: border: 0 seems to be a problem regardless of where it is applied in my case.
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    Ran into this issue as well, except I was able to just use a SimpleContainer with an appropriate child container.

    The only problem I have with ContentPanel imposing drag like this, is it's just...
  5. I have a wrapper widget around a ComboBox with a setWidth in it.

    Whenever I do:

    <myns:MyComboBox ... width="266">
  6. Well I just slapped my own MaskAppearance class to add some progress indicator in my views. Works pretty well with mask/unmask, so if that's not a valid use case, I'd like to know which approach is...
  7. Update:

    Probably safe to ignore/remove this. I seem to have a problem of my own with how I indicate progress in this particular view.
  8. Yeah workaround btw is just:


    So I'm going to consider this known issue for now.
  9. I'm getting some strange behavior where a TextButton's visibility seems to be set randomly from a UiBinder template. So first, if that is a known issue thank you for the reply ;) I see a lot of...
  10. Specifically:

    if (wrapper.isVisible && wrapper.parent == parentWrapper) {
    // TODO consider changing the event to allow firing just once
    // index is always zero,...
  11. Before I forget

    Bug is: The TreeNodes in the TreeStore aren't updated when a filter is removed, so the old state of the tree seems to be what is rendered. So workaround is thrash the store, get...
  12. Ok I found the issue, didn't notice the little Error message in the gwt dev window:

    "The given model is already in the TreeStore, and should not be assigned a new node".

    Edit: There does seem...
  13. I pull all nodes of my tree asynchronously in a similar way as in but with autoload enabled.

    public void...
  14. Yes I can confirm the trigger wiring is missing. Workaround i did:

    filter.addTriggerClickHandler(new TriggerClickHandler() {
    public void onTriggerClick(final...
  15. Thank you.

    Thought there could have been something a bit more official such as doing it in module config, but this is fine.
  16. I suppose I can be not lazy and hack it myself:

    StateManager.get().setProvider(new CookieProvider("/", null, "", false));
  17. Basically there's no provider in StateManager when I follow this example:, and I get an NPE on stateHandler.loadState(), line 50 in...
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