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    I have recently encountered an issue with images with suffix @2x.jpg not loading all the time. I have tried changing the image name to not include the @ sign per the safari documentation[1]. I...
  2. Hi Snyder47,

    If you are still experiencing this issue I suggest you update to Sencha Eclipse Plugin. 1.1 version was released on 11/6/2012.
    To upgrade go to the support portal...
  3. Hi Snyder47,

    That is odd. There are some diagnostics we can do. Can you open the view: Type Space view. You should see a in this view.

    Make sure you are in the VJET...
  4. You can get to this preference by secondary mouse click the project -> Project properties -> VJET -> VJET Build Path -> Projects Tab
  5. Hi Snyder47,

    Thanks for reporting this issue.

    Please make sure that you have the project dependency setup correctly.

    Test project should depend on ExtJsTL-4.1.1. You can see my example...
  6. Hi Selvam09,

    What version of Eclipse are you installing into? Currently Sencha Eclipse Plugin works best with Eclipse JEE edition for Indigo....
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